Saturday, July 2, 2011

Updated bed/bath decor and Paleo Enchilada's!!

My way of changing my bedroom look is gradually buying new shit to toss on my bed or place on my night stand...with no rhyme or reason. Then, over time, it slowly morphs into new colors and a new look. If you remember before, this is what my bed and shower curtain looked like:
I do still really love that print. On my guest bed blow-up mattress, I had a grey duvet from West Elm. I didn't realize how soft and comfy it actually was- I wanted to sleep under it everynight!! So, I switched them. With a new duvet I had to buy new color coordinating items. Enter West Elm, once again....

*side table lamp
*gold pillowcases
*white, flower accent pillow
*grey striped shower curtain
*grey bathroom rug

I'm happy with it. I just love grey and yellow/gold together. I love grey period! Do you redecorate your rooms/switch things around occasionally?

Last night, I wanted to make this Paleo diet recipe I found, that looked like it would fit into my low carb eating. It's called "Primal Enchilada's." Cute name. haha!

Here are a few photos from the dish (I don't know about you, but I think that looks devilishly un-healthy. It's not.):

I can't find the website I eventually found the recipe on- it was a pain to actually find one written out and correct. The only thing I was leery about was all that cheese...but I made sure not to go overboard...even though, that's exactly what it looks like I did.

You may be curious to know that the tortilla's are actually an egg/egg white and skim milk "crepe." Yup. No real tortillas were used in this Paleo friendly dish.

The Simple Mixture Inside: 
Ground turkey
Onion chopped
Green chilis
Crushed tomatoes
Chili Powder and other spices

If you want this recipe, let me know. You can add any meat you want! The most tedious part was making the crepes. It took a few tries before I realized how to get them to stay in tact, transferring from pan to plate. Surprisingly- once I made some good ones, they held the mixture together VERY well.

Hope you all have a great long weekend-



Jessica said...

I like the change-a-roos! Makes it look nice and fresh. Beautiful duvet! I need to freshen up some things around our casa, maybe some new linens or comforter. Primal enchiladas... sound pretty good! Though, I would probably want to scoop them up with a chip to eat them, which would defeat the whole purpose:)

REBrown said...

I like both of those duvets, so you can't really go wrong!

Those enchiladas sound delicioso too. I'm a big Mexican food fan.

Val Fox said...

I love the grey and gold!! And that dish looks yummy, I'll have to make it soon!

Kelly said...

Your new bed and bath decor looks great! I love West Elm for that kind of stuff!!!

Tyler is eating low carb, and I would LOVE your exact recipe for the enchiladas, and tips for the "crepes" - I think he'd love this! Thanks so much :)

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