Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Morning commute and INSANITY!!

Dear morning commuters on the road with me:

There really is NO need to ride my ass. Also, there's no need to try to pass me like a wild banchee just to get one car's length ahead of me. Seriously. No reason.

You're probably going to work, am I right? And frankly, there's no reason to ride MY ass because YOU are running late.'s work. Are you going to get your wrist slapped with a ruler because you're late? probably not.

Just stop. Thank you.

- Jenny

Guess what came in the mail yesterday?!?! Yesssss.......Insanity! It was like Christmas for me!

I'm starting the program this Sunday- even though I'm basically clawing at the box wanting to start NOW(Ask me how I feel about it in a week). Last night I watched the firt few dvds for the first month (not SO SO bad) and a few from the second month's plan (SCARY HARD LOOKING!!)

I'll do my best to document my Insanity journey. When I was trying to decide to purchase or not, I know I went on YouTube and wanted to read other's experience with the program.

Hope everyone's having a great week- I'm ready for it to end already. I got a friend of mine skydiving on Saturday! I'm DYING to jump again, but can't afford it right now, so naturally, I try to get everyone else to do it, too. Oh, skydiving. How I love you....


Val Fox said...

Yay Insanity! You're gonna do great! I'm so glad it came in! I've lost 9 pounds since starting the program, but I feel guilty for modifying the exercises so much! I'm a wimp!

Val Fox said...

No, I haven't finished the two months yet! I did month 1 and the recovery week, and then I started month 1 over because month 2 looks too hard still! After this month 1 repeat I will try month 2. *fingers crossed* Yeah I lost 9 pounds since starting Insanity, and had already lost 5 pounds before that. I probably would have lost more, except that I'm just not pushing myself as much as I should!

REBrown said...

I am way too big of a chicken to do Insanity. You have to post your experiences with it...maybe it'll persuade me to grow a pair and try it already!

good luck with insanity hope it works for you :)

shel xx

Love that you're doing insanity! And I saw on fb erin's jumping?!? love it! I've known her since I was 5!

Yes, Kelly has known me since she was 5! The little sister of the neighborhood! Jumped and most importantly, SURVIVED!!! WOO HOO!! Thanks for the support, Jenny!

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