Sunday, July 10, 2011

Here it is...Insanity Day 1: Fit Test Vlog

Allow me to preface this video by telling you that it was tough. I looked a hot mess afterwards when I conducted my post-workout interview and I don't care. I love that it made me sweat- and sweating in makeup is a turn-off for me, so...yeah. Oh, and yeah. That's a Britney song in the video. BOO YA!!

Without further ado....


gigiofca said...

Go, girl! I got tired at :59. And I was only watching.


Val Fox said...

Jenny! You did SO GREAT!!! You're inspiring me to try harder as I do these CHALLENGING work outs. I missed a day this week, for the first time, because I was traveling out of town, but starting tomorrow I'm going to do it with renewed vigor! Gotta keep up with you!

Btw, you look like you don't even need to be doing this!!!

RAW said...

OMG, just watching this makes me tired.

Good for you for doing Insanity. I imagine the results will be worth it :)

Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

You ladies are so freaking awesome! I appreciate the feedback-it TRULY motivates me even more.

Gigi & RAW: You guys crack me up! LOL I was the same way watching the DVDs in advance. I got tired...more tired than I was ACTUALLY doing it. What???

Val: You inspire ME, too! Keep at it! Thanks always for the encouragment.

A. said...

Fantastic video!!! I am scared to try it and face the harsh reality that I'm not as fit/strong as I pretend I am.

I'm really looking forward to your updates on this. Holy MOTIVATING!!!!

Liz B said...

Okay, I now have lots of new ideas for plyo workouts!! Any of these moves would kick my arse in a serious manner.

Girl - your legs are miles long! Love that!

lol, i like that you have to move your dog out of the way. i always have to do that too!! she always sits right in front of me, watching me, in my way, haha

You go girl! I think I would pass out after 37 seconds lol
But seriously, right now I feel like getting my butt of the couch and working out.

Looking forward to your updates :)

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