Monday, July 11, 2011

Insanity Day 2: Plyometric Cardio Circuit

OHMIGOD. Y'all. Like I told my peeps on my facebook status just now...if yesterday's Insanity Fit Test deserved a "holy crap" today's workout DEFINITELY deserves a HOLY. SHIT!


I only burned about 322 calories in 35 minutes (this isn't including the cool down. Total length of the workout is about 41 minutes.), but I was SWEATING buckets and breathing hard.

I couldn't push myself to do all the moves and I can only improve from here. Can you IMAGINE how many calories I'll be burning once I can actually Do all the moves?

I didn't videotape today's workout. Frankly, I didn't have the energy to push record. lol. I'll record this workout next week when it pops back up in rotation because you have GOT to see this one. Makes me wonder what tomorrow has in store....

Let's talk Insanity meal plan....

The meal plan is pretty realistic and attainable. For all you low-carbers doing Insanity (I'm looking at MYSELF), re-think that...because you'll need those precious carbs for fuel. The diet is balanced and can be tweaked to your needs. After reading through each of the meal options for each of the 5 meals you eat, it's clear that I already know what I should be eating. I'm on the right track. I actually need to ADD more calories....SAY whaaattt?!

The basic meal plan is 1,500 calories. That's a LOT of food to me, honestly. When I'm trying to lose weight I try to keep my calories around 1,200-1,300, but...this IS Insanity. It's TOUGH. I'm going to try to follow the meal plans as closely as possible and tweak some things once I've done a few weeks of the program- at least I won't feel super guilty for adding more carbs into my meals ;)

Here was today's menu:

Meal 1: 3 pieces of Turkey Bacon + 2 Boiled Eggs (NOT in the meal guide, but its hard for me to stray from this easy breakfast meal. I like having that protein in the morning. CAN'T wait for the Shakeology I ordered to get to me!)

Meal 2: 1 cup Greek Yogurt, 1 tsp honey, half an apple sliced (From the guide)

Meal 3: High Protein Salmon Patty, 1 cup roasted broccoli, 1/3 brown rice (NOT in guide, but close to other meal options they give you.)

Meal 4: 3 pieces Turkey Bacon on an Arnold's Thin Whole Wheat bread, mustard and tomatoes. 1/2 Apple slices and Almond Butter (In the guide it says to eat a pear and add lettuce to the sandwich. Also, the bun isn't supposed to be an Arnold's THIN, but...ah well.)

Meal 5: Mediterranean Salmon with Spinach- Possibly a little something else later.

I haven't calculated the calories, but hopefully I'm close to 1,500.

I just think its important to stick to what you feel comfortable eating. I would love to follow the guide EXACTLY, but...I don't like pears and I'd rather have turkey over chicken, etc. etc. As long as I'm getting around the same amount of calories and eating goods foods, I'll be happy.

I can feel that I'm definitely going to need to add a bit more carbs after today's workout.

I'll post another vlog on Sunday- that'll be the one week mark. Wish me freaking luck. Anyone wanna join in and do this with me?? :)

You can read the online meal guide here. Enjoy and see you tomorrow....if I can move...


congrats on making it through day 2!! i think the hardest days are the first few....

i understand your pain! i did the workout too, i lovvvve the results. you're motivating me to bump up my workouts again. I'm on a running kick now.

RAW said...

I'm looking forward to reading about this process. I'm currently doing Chalean Extreme. Not nearly as intense as Insanity, but I have bad knees and don't think I could take all of the jumping/plyometics.

I don't follow the Chalean eating guide, but I probably should. You're right--you should modify the diet so that you're eating things you actually like (i.e. an apple instead of a pear, turkey instead of chicken, etc).

Good luck :)

YOu're doing so great! I think that's a great calorie burn for 35 minutes!

REBrown said...

The shakes sound delish! You're a trooper for sticking through the first few days. I've been stalking some people on YouTube to decide if I want to order it and they all seem pretty wiped out after the first few days.

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