Thursday, June 30, 2011

WARNING: Post about Heart Rates during workouts. May be boring.

Back when I was a runner {Yeah, OK, I was never a runner. I ran one race: The Army 10-miler and then called it quits because my knee janked up too much. I run for Interval Cardio on the treadmill, but rarely outside. Just not my cup of tea, really.} I bought the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS watch to calculate my mileage and caloric burn during my running. I really do love it! it's an older model and works JUSt as wonderfully as the newer one.

It came with a heart rate monitor band that you strap under your boobs. I never used it once.

After having it for almost a YEAR, I decided to break that bad boy out yesterday and start using it during my indoor cardio routines (DVDs and cardio on the treadmill). I wanted to see just how many calories I burned doing them.

Well, after some research online, I sadly found out that the calories burned on the watch are only accurate on outdoor runs, because it uses the GPS, your body info, age and heart rate to determine your calories expended. Since I wouldn't be "trvaeling" while inside technically, it would give me the wrong amount of calories burned. BUT-----TA DA! I found a website you can plug in information and using your average heart rate during the workout, can determine the amount of calories burned. Score. That website is HERE. Naturally I'm a bit of a skeptic, so I went to several online heart rate calculators just to make sure they were all around the same number. Some were different by 10 or so calories, but it works for me. I think that one I posted is the most accurate.

When I start Insanity I wanted to compare just how much harder it is than what I currently do. I have NO doubt it is. Just sayin'.

Yesterday was actually a strength day, and I did Bob Harper's Super Strength DVD. I didn't make it through the entire 60 minutes, only 49 minutes. In those 49 minutes, during a STRENGTH workout, I burned 358 calories.
358 calories in 49 minutes

If you don't know that's pretty good for weight work- just goes to show you how tough that DVD is. He really makes sure you keep that heart rate up to burn those calories!

I was thrilled! I love this keeping track of calories burned during exercise thing. haha. Just sorry I was too lazy to care before.

I'll be strapping it on during my Interval Running this afternoon. We'll see just how hard I'm working.

Do you use a heart rate monitor during workouts? What kind?


Contessa said...

Hello! I use a POLAR heart-rate monitor FT80. It is mainly for those that just cardio and weight train which I do. I love it to pieces; it tracks my workouts and tells me when to pull it back or push it more. It wraps around my waist like yours.

I also do the Bob Harper Strength and yesterday I burned 527 Calories which is VERY GOOD as you said for the strength. I am going to be upping my weights to 10lb for some of the workout which will push the calories way up!

Good Luck!

RAW said...

I think that's pretty good for a strength work out.

I desperately need to get some sort of heart rate/calorie monitor. Right now I'm just shooting in the dark when it comes to guesstimating my workouts!

Misty said...

I have a Garmin FR60. It's really motivating to be able to see how many calories your burning, plus the website lets you set goals and tracks them for you!

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