Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Change your diet. Do it. Now.

Something I've always known, but seem to forget once I get into a slump of bad eating, is that eating healthy and clean and NON-PROCESSED food makes you feel good.

A plus to eating healthy? Weight loss. I'm down 3 pounds since last Monday- AND that's with me even drinking a bottle of wine this past weekend and a "Newman's Own thin crust White Pizza." Delicious by the wayyyyy. I added chicken breast to mine for added protein. A nice treat!
I contribute that not only to my Interval Training on my treadmill and P90X, but mostly to my eating habits. It's only been a week and I actually don't miss anything I was eating for awhile there. I don't even know why I let that happen.

I know what to eat to make myself feel good. I know what foods to eat to make me LOOK good, but ate the junk anyway. I guess we all may need that momentary lapse sometimes. Now I crave my chocolate protein shake....
Anyway, the point of this post was to tell you all I lost 3 pounds and I'm even more excited than ever to start the Insanity workout and Shakeology. Damn. I'm gonna be HOT! (I'm just kiddin', of course. But not really. Remember..I'm on my way to being the fittest I've EVER been, and I'm going to do it.)



Ariana said...

Congrats! Keep up the good work :)

KB said...

I totally agree. Stick to the NON-PROCESSED foods! Keep up the good work!


Liz B said...

I always feel that way when I get back on track after eating bad food for awhile. I wonder why I keep reaching for it even though I feel better when I am eating healthy. Ugh - the complexities of our relationships with food.

Im stoked to hear about your experience with Insanity & Shakeology. After reading your blog post Saturday my friends and I had a convo about how hard Insanity is. Good luck!

REBrown said...

I need to get better about the non-processed foods. For some reason I just can't kick the frozen pizza habit!

RAW said...

Awesome! Congrats!
I'm trying to focus on eating healthier, too. I have the fitness/workout part down--the sweets are what get me every time.

Great job!! That's awesome weight loss, friend - well deserved! I've got to get better at saying no to crappy, non-filling food!

I need to be better about the non-processed food thing! congrats on the weight loss--I am impressed! have a great night :) xoxo {av}

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