Friday, June 24, 2011

Taking the (INSANE!) plunge...

I'm such a program/schedule organized freak. At heart, I'm a structure loving being. I love chaos, when I feel like I can control it (What the what?), but otherwise....I like to have a piece of paper in hand of what I'm doing, where I'm going.

I love P90X- albeit a bit annoying (ahemTONYCOUGH!)- and have been looking at other Beach Body workout programs. The beauty of these programs is they give you something to follow- they tell you what your ass needs to be doing on any given day to see the results you expect from the DVDs.


Insanity looks ridiculously hard- I've scoured YouTube watching people record themselves doing the workouts. Look at this woman. She's freaking FIT. She's struggling on DAY 1...THE FIT TEST!! WHAT!!!

Something else by beachbody I want to try is their Shakeology shake. They kinda sound delicious...I have a thing for chocolate protein shakes. Yeah. Weird.

Shakeology has a 3-day cleanse program and I'm excited to try it. This "cleanse", in short, isn't like other fasts or cleanses. This shake has nutrients, vitamins, veggies, etc. It's not a liquid of crap. It supplies energy and stuff you need to sustain LIFE. You DO want to continue living...don't you? Anyway, go read up on it. I spent all last night reading about it and watching videos. It's expensive. Yeah. That's what my BFF e-bay is for :)

I haven't bought any of my supplies yet. I'm waiting a few weeks so I can do my own thang first. Building up my cardiovascular and fitness level is going to be EXTREMELY vital before starting this program. I don't want to start and then immediately quit because I can't get through a workout.

So, yes, I've decided to embark on this Insanity journey. I'll be documenting it once I start, but don't expect me to videotape myself doing ANY of it just so you guys can have a good laugh. No.


mrs.mfc said...

I have been hearing so much about Shakeology recently! Can't wait to hear how it goes for you!!

can't wait to see your video's good luck =) your going to do great =)

REBrown said...

I'm very interested in those shakes. I'm always a sucker for new fitness stuff.

Jamie said...

Good luck w/ the Insanity and Shakeology! I can't wait to see your progress. I may need to try both. I am a new mommy who is struggle to find time to get to the gym!
PS, sorry I haven't commented on your blog in like FOREVER! I am still around and have been keeping up w/ you over here!

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