Thursday, July 14, 2011

Insanity Day 5: Pure Cardio

Day 5 is complete. Pure Cardio, you are outta here. From what I've read from others, this one is straight through cardio work- no intervals like the rest of the workouts- and therefore much harder. Yeah, it was, like alllll the others, tough, but not quite as scary as I expected.

I'm really frustrated at the amount of calories I'm NOT burning. I completely understand that because I can't finish every move that I won't burn as much as I should be in the given amount of time...but gheesh. I know, I's only 5 days into the program.

Val, or anyone else who's done Insanity- did you monitor your average heart rate/caloric burn and notice it went up as you got stronger and progressed through every week?

Anyone going to the midnight showing of Harry Potter tonight? I AM! I'm a huge fan, yes I am. It's officially the end of an era with this last movie. So sad. The books, I never get sick of. And yes, I have work in the morning. I plan on napping my ass off later.


the first two weeks i did insanity, i ate too many calories. it made me so hungry!

it is such a hard workout, but no, i didn't burn as many calories as i thought i would either.

my calorie burning was slightly more by the end, since i was in better shape, but then, since you're in better shape your heart rate doesn't go as high.

i got great muscle definition, but i had to be so careful of what i ate, because it wasn't enough calories burned to justify what i wanted to eat. i had to up my protein intake to stay full.

meghan said...

I'm going to Harry Potter tonight too, can't wait! And I'm loving these Insanity updates. I tried the Bob video you recommended and I almost died, so maybe once I turn into not so much of a wimp I'll check out Insanity next.

Jax said...

I am so impressed with you doing Insanity! That's so freaking awesome!! :) I wanted to see Harry and the gang tonight, but didnt get tix. I'll hopefully catch it this weekend sometime thouh!

Val Fox said...

Nope I didn't monitor my heart rate or caloric burn, I just did as much of the exercises as I could before falling over, and then repeating. Lol I didn't lose as much weight as I thought I would at the beginning, but I'm down 10 pounds now. It's been gradual, but I'm still happy.

I went to the 1:07 am showing of HP! I LOVED it and now I'm rereading the last book. I'm so sad it's all over though. As soon as this last movie comes out to DVD I want to watch a marathon of all of them!

REBrown said...

I work in an office park that also has a big movie theater and the Harry Potter kids were starting to show up yesterday at 3:00 to get into the midnight showing. Crazy!

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