Friday, July 15, 2011

Anthropologie Scores + Insanity Rest Day

Hello out there! Anyone get on Blogger on the weekends?

Sometimes I wonder if everyone takes a break from reading and writing blogs, staying busy with other fun stuff. Seeing as how I'm a bit of a homebody some weekends, I usually read blogs, but rarely ever write them, until recently.

It's been awhile since I've mentioned by dear love, Anthropologie. Frankly, their stuff lately sucks. ha! Just not doing it for me.  There are a few things on my wishlist that I'm still stalking, however. I scour ebay daily to see if I can find a good deal on the tops and dresses I long for, but are out of stock.

I called customer service this morning and inquired about stores with certain items I was looking for. The girl on the other end was ABSOLUTELY sweet and so helpful and gave me number after number of the stores that were carrying the item in my size.

She informed me that they update their stocks on Sunday, so the items may or may NOT be in the store, but it was worth a shot! Out of 4 items I was looking for, I snagged TWO!

These are older items, so I know it's nothing exciting, but it is for me ESPECIALLY THE PRICES!!

Gathering Blossoms Blouse- Sale price $19.95

 Pinwheel Tank- Sale price $19.95

I scored BOTH for $40! can you believe that? Neither of the two stores charged me for shipping. It's so worth the detective work to hunt down the loot you're looking for with Anthro!

Insanity Workout Update: My rest day was supposed to be tomorrow, but seeing as how I went to the midnight showing of HP and was exhausted and couldn't motivate myself to do anything but lay around today- I switched the days...

Tomorrow I'll be rocking Plyo Cardio Circuit. This is the workout from Day 2 earlier this week- we'll see how much I've improved in these few days. haha :)

Hope you all have a great weekend! Insanity Weekly Vlog coming Sunday!


cute tops! i love that they are always so nice at anthro!

i'm on blogger, :) i'm not having any fun (besides blogger fun!!) this weekend because i'm studying away for my big test on monday.

i take breaks though for blogging!

i also am really interested in how your insanity is going, thanks for posting that!

i'm currently doing a 10 week workout schedule that i got from a runners magazine. it's to get me back in running shape slowly, without injuring myself.

maybe i'll blog more about that sometime!

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Kish said...

That first blouse is (in a high-pitched sing-songy voice): GOOOORJJJJUUUUUSSSS!!!

(Navy)Blue is my favorite color right now, and I love details like ruffles and stuff.

Hey, thanks for responding to my comment the other day. At the same time, I apologize for only responding right now.

High-five to you for keeping up the workout!

(p.s. I CAN spell "gorgeous" correctly!) =)


Good luck on Insanity tomorrow!

RAW said...

What a great deal on those blouses. I really like the second one. You're smart to scour eBay and/or wait for clearances. Anthropologie has cute stuff, but is really over-priced.

I typically log into blogger while eating breakfast on weekend mornings (like now!)

P.s.- I think I remember that you've held blog sales before? I started a new website catering solely to blog sales: Check it out (if you'd like) :)

Jenny said...

Thanks ladies!! Always great to hear from you!

Kathleen said...

I really liked the purple colorway of the Gathering Blossoms Blouse but even on sale, the price was ridiculous. $19.95 is an absolute steal!

Val Fox said...

I would buy both of those blouses, they're BEAUTIFUL! And what great prices too!

And yes, I saw HP at the premiere too! LOVED IT!!!!

HAY HAY!! listen, once you get into fighting shape and can no longer wear these tops, you KNOW who you can turn to! ME!! Ill gladly give all your cute stuff a nice home!

Hows the book? Im always scared to lend books because I think people will judge me and my interest/taste. Does that happen to anyone else?

Good job on week 1!!

Ps. Did i leave my super fabulously smelling lemon spray at your casa? If so, I hope youve been enjoying it! It is pretty good stuff!

Under the weather a bit? Hope your Monday gets better and you, too! Off to Chicago in the SUPER AM Wednesday. Dont miss me too much!

I have that blue blouse and I LOVE it. I'm SOOOO jealous you got it on such a super sale!!

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