Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week 1 of Insanity: COMPLETE + YUM homemade sushi.

Hey hey hey! Sunday. the day I completed one full week of the Insanity workout. Whew. It was tough, but worth it and I'm pleased enough to keep going. I was going to make a vlog, but I'm just too tired to do that, so here are a few points I want to make after my first week:

#1. The workouts are a challenge and sometimes quite the bitch, but I saw MAJOR improvements from myself in the SAME workouts from the start of the week to the end of the week. You do the same 4 or 5 workouts over and over each month, so you end up doing some of the same workouts maybe twice a week. I'm able to do more of the moves and stay in it longer- can't wait to see how I'm doing with them at the end of the month.

#2: My HRM is still telling me I'm only averaging a heart rate of about 147 each workout, meaning I'm burning about 300-330 calories for roughly 36 minutes. My forerunner is made for running outdoors so I plug the numbers into a formula online. These numbers discourage me a bit, but I keep in mind that I'm also burning more calories AFTER my workout (from all the intervals) and I'm still getting used to the workouts.

#3: My eating has been great! I could probably even eat a bit more- funny how trying to eat MORE good calories is now a struggle for me.

#4: I want some frozen yogurt....

Friday night I made rice-less sushi. SO GOOD! I could eat the seaweed sheets on their own...Yeah, that's weird and true.

In the seaweed I used sauteed cauliflower to take the place of the rice, added crab meat and avocado, and rolled.

 It's not the most gorgeous sushi roll, but it sure was delicious!

Fashion: The Limited is having a 40% sale everything that ends TODAY, people! I scored two basic items I so needed:

Hope you all have a great Monday!
(Monday. BLAH!)


that sushi looks delish! yum! i never heard about eating cauliflower instead of rice. i'm going to have to try that.

haha, my homemade sushi looks so much worse. lol.

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