Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Insanity Days 3 & 4: Cardio Power and Resistance + Cardio Recovery

All I can say is that I was hurting yesterday afternoon. All day, frankly. I did, somehow manage to do the workout half-assly. I burned around 300 calories still, in 36 minutes.

I completed Day 4: Cardio Recovery this morning and it was SO easy. It was more muslce work, no cardio. I almost felt guilty because my heart rate wasn't up very high. Sure, the squats and lunges hurt, but what about burning those calories?? I guess I'm used to P90X. The break from the high intensity cardio was a VERY nice change of pace, however.
In the future, maybe I'll replace this day with a strength workout from P90X instead. I felt very unchallenged...for this week, it's OK :)
Here's a lovely video from Day 3's workout. The warm-up is KILLER! KILLER! And you do this warm-up in every. single. video. Ughhh.


Kish said...

I have one word: Damn.

I have been contemplating buying one of the two videos (P90 or Insan.), but I think I've just been too afraid that I wouldn't be able to hang and/or I would hurt myself.

I appreciate that you have posted this video b/c it gives a "real life" snippet of what to expect vs. the infomercial. As tough as this looks (JUST the warm-up???? REALLY??!!!), you are motivating!

(btw, I found your blog recently while browsing through other ones.)

REBrown said...

I think you can at least give yourself one easy day!

Val Fox said...

Yes,I agree with the above comment, give yourself that day for a bit of a break!!! I LOVE cardio recovery day every time it comes around. xD

As for who takes my pics, I answered on my post but I'll say it here too. My hubby almost always takes them, but my mom does too sometimes, and on that last post it was my sis and her hubby helping me out. Your dogs are adorable, but it is too bad they don't have opposable thumbs! Lol!

Michélle said...

Omg, that IS insanity!! I was looking at the warm up and thinking oooh, that's a hard work-out! I thought THAT was the actual work-out!

Well, all I can say is GOOD JOB!! The fact that you are doing this alone too! I'm really, really impressed!

By the way, have you considered joining the Tone It Up plan? We're a big bunch of girls/women on Twitter cheering each other on. Love that plan! They're on Facebook too, so go check them out ;)
xo Michelle

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