Monday, July 25, 2011

Brit-nayyyyy!!!!! Femme Fatale Tour 2011

Oh, Britney. Only you (and I guess Lady Gaga) can parade around stage wearing numerous leotards and get away with it. Although- some of those leotards this year were dumb. 

My review of her Femme Fatale tour, for all of you Britney fans, will be short and sweet....It was fun, but not as entertaining in the LEAST as her Circus tour was. I loved everything about that tour. The stage being circular and in the middle, the costumes and dance numbers. Loved it.  Femme Fatale was fun, but as another friend of mine put it- she looked a bit uninterested to be on stage.

I found myself curious as to what her future shows will be like once she gets older. She doesn't sing live, so what happens when she can no longer move an arm or two. She barely dances as it is now, so when she can only sit on a stool and NOT sing, what are people gonna do?! She'll probably just sit in her little swing she always crawls in during shows and pretend to sing her slow songs. hahaha Ah. I'mmm just kidding Britney....(sike)

Anywho- our seats were fantastic (I don't skimp on concert seats) and I could see her sweat! WOO! Britney sweat! Here are some of the better shots I got:

Sure, Brit...let your dancers do all the work. I hope they get paid well. 

Gold Leotard thingy

 Cool wide shot of the stage- Singing "Piece of Me"

Love her face!!


Cuz you're beautiful...drop dead...beautiful. (New song)

I reallllly like this shot. 

The woman's stomach looks good for two kids. Don't get it twisted! I'd love to have her body after children, mmmkay. 

Uh-oh....she's about to mount the bike, y'all!

Showing everyone her dazzy duke rhinestone jean shorts. LOVE!!

Me and Sorority sister/friend Jen- She was the most fun ever!

Yay-uhh! "I Wanna Go"

"If You Seek Amy"

More "If You Seek Amy"- my least fave costume choice....blech.

She brought out a big ass dragon boat. What the....

Homegirl at the top of that cage is working it!! Britney- pay attention. Write down some notes...

 Lucky audience member got to be part of her "Lace and Leather" number. 

Bye, bye Brit!


Miss K said...

holy awesome batman! i love britney! and yes, 100% agreed that dress costume was not her best...whatsoever.

Thanks for sharing - and I totally agree, what's with the dragon boat with the duck decoy head?

REBrown said...

What song was the dragon boat even for? I can't think of any dragon boat, bspears connections

Great pictures and great review - I heard the same about it - too bad. I hope she starts dancing it up soon before fans stop going!

Jenny said...

LOL REbrown: I KINDA get the dragon boat...She was supposed to be "hopping around from country to country" as an assassin. When the boat was on stage she was in Thailand. LOL

Anyway...the song was "Gimmie More"

Anonymous said...

You got some great shots!! I will also have a soft spot for Brit.

Angie said...

I'm so jealous you got to go see Britney! She isn't coming to Des Moines this tour and the last tour she was here....but I was in Vegas! Boo!

jennie said...

Your pictures are BANANAS! I totally agree with you, regarding Britney's interest level. More often than not, she looks like she'd rather be taking a nap, or eating nachos or something. If you're not going balls-out dancing, then you NEED to sing LIVE! For reals. Why isn't anyone telling her that?

Love Britney's body, and you're damn right it's awesome after two kids! I don't even have kids and I'd love to have her body. Girl is sexy! :)

Elz said...

My friend and I saw Femme Fatale and Circus as well and we loved them BOTH. I think FF was more of a typical concert while Circus was just that, a circus and completely over the top. I thought Britney Worked it. I loved it all, especially the encore!

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