Sunday, July 24, 2011

Insanity Week Two Vlog

WOO!! Week Two of Insanity is COMPLETE!!

Vlog is below. Please excuse my no-make-up sleepy face and nasty workout hair. LOL! I look like an alien!! Oh, well. I'm happy.

Have a great weekend- thanks for all of you who continue to encourage me through this workout program :) If you have questions about Insanity, please ask.


REBrown said...

Go you! I also love the bra hanging out in the background. KB always makes a ton of fun of me for having them laying around everywhere in our bedroom.

Natasha said...

Great job Jenny! Thanks for posting your Insanity vlogs. I've always been curious about the program, but too chicken to check it out. Look forward to seeing more updates!

Kish said...

First of all, I love how your doggies tried to get their camera-time in!

Secondly, thanks for keepin' it real with your workouts! I was telling my husband about your blog/vlogs and made a deal with him to try this in the next couple of months...we'll see!

Lastly, check out my post from were "honored"!

Jenny said...

Thanks ladies!! YOU all motivate me so much! :)

Jenny said...

Oh and YEAH....gotta love the BRA hanging out behind me. Geez!!

Val Fox said...

Great progress, pretty room and adorable dogs! I was the same way when I started Insanity. At first I saw more inches coming off rather than pounds! 3 pounds is good though! I'm mad I stayed the same this week. =/

Brittany said...

I love that your dogs needed to make an entrance ;) haha.. so cute!

These vlogs are great! It really helps me learn more about the program.. I'm STILL nervous to try it!

Robin said...

You have inspired me to start Insanity! I just bought it off ebay and hope to start next week! Yayyyy! Good job, lady!!

I watched this whole vlog and now I'm really interested in Insanity! I looked it up . . . seems kinda expensive so I'm gonna hold out for a while, but I am intrigued! Glad it's working for you :)

my dad bought me insanity and i was really good about doing it and then my school schedule got crazy. and I stopped doing it. but when i did it i felt great it was REALLLLLLY hard but it is well worth it!!

maybe i will start it again!

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