Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First "low carb" day, you can kiss my....Book on CD!

When I resume healthy eating, after not giving a shit for so long, the first week is always the worst! I'm already missing whole wheat bread and lots of carbs....I'll reintroduce them in a few weeks...*sigh* I can do this.

Day Two of "The Best Shape of My Life" begins....Yup. That's my goal in case I didn't mention that in one of my more recent posts. To be in the very best shape I've EVER been in. I've accepted that it may take more than 6 months. I'm looking at a year here people, and for THIS impatient woman, that's torture. Blech.

Yesterday's workout was an interval cardio session on my treadmill. I wanted to do 30 minutes, but could only make it 22. I was struggling- but that's good news. It's supposed to be tough!

Strength Training Day this afternoon with Bob Harper. I love a good beat-down............

On my way to work this morning I'm going to start my very first book on CD. I always considered this cheating- it's not reading. There are, however, lots of books on my list I've been dying to read and I decided to give it a shot. I can only hope my attention span can keep up. HAHA!!

I'll be listening to "Horns" by Jim Hill. Stephen King's son. Not a big King fan, but we'll see how his son's books measure up.

Do you listen to books on tape? If you do, what do you like and dislike about it?


meghan said...

I love listening to audio books when I run. It totally helps me zone out and not stress too much about how fast I'm going/my breathing/etc.

Elz said...

You go girl. You're going to look and feel awesome when you're done!

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