Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mid-Week Fitness update, another Britney video and book on tape

Sure. This video concept has been done countless times before, but I love her "F You" lash-out at the beginning. Seriously. Love it. Because just have to. Oh, but I honestly do love people. Really.

So, let me brief you on my workout progress since Monday.

Overall? Good.
Let's backtrack...

#1: Today was a mini-failure and it's only 9:30 a.m. Today was going to be my Two-A-Day workout for the week, but I didn't get up this morning. In my defense, going to sleep at 1:00 a.m. doesn't bode well for an early morning cardio session. I don't feel bad about it. I'll get in two cardio sessions Saturday. No big deal.

#2: A month ago I was used to Bob Harper's Strength DVD...yesterday I was reminded of what it was like to have my ass handed to me by Bob. It sucked. It was hard. I haven't picked up my dumbells in so long it felt like my arm was ripping from the socket after two bicep curls. Tomorrow is Bob Day once again. This time I'll just strive for a little more than what I actually finished yesterday.

#3: Great cardio session Monday.
Yesterday I began my first experience with a book on CD. "Horns" by Joe Hill.  It's cool, for lack of a better word. I put it in when I left for work Monday morning, and my commute being about 35 minutes, I got a good way into the book. It's kept my attention so far, but make no mistake that at first I found it difficult to drive and listen. LOL! That makes me shake my head. I'm a freak for sure. But come ON!?! When you have to concentrate on not hitting the car beside you while switching lanes...sometimes it's kinda necessary to backtrack the CD. Am I right?!

Anyway, the "book" is definitely keeping me interested so far.


"book" lol audio books are books too, girl! haha

Great job on all of the workouts! I love audio books but there are certain parts of Atlanta where I pause it (i.e. intersections, tight roads/high traffic) then resume once it gets less stressful!!

OMG. Britney is my homegirl!

Love your blog! :)

britney can do no wrong, this video totally proves it...and i NEED her pumps in the beginning!!

bob harper is a crazy person.

Kelly said...

I love me some Britney but hadn't heard her new song until I played the video here-- LOVE it!! I can't wait to go running to it this weekend :-) Keep up the good work, Jenny!

I'm obsessed with Brit's album. P.S. Thanks for the Eat This tab.

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