Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Diary of a worm. A book worm. Me!

(I hope you guys don't mind picture-less posts. I can't upload photos from my work computer, and I wrote this at home this morning, so...yeah.)

You see on the right-hand side of this blog...that section in the sidebar that says: "What I'm Reading"? Yeah. Well, you know when the last time that was updated? Eons ago. Eons. That's a word right? Sounds right....

For so long now reading has taken a back burner to other stuff in my life, but over the past few weeks I've slowly started making more time to relax and crack open "The Help." It was highly recommended by a friend of mine OVER a year ago. I've been trying to finish that bitch for OVER a YEAR. I feel so left behind and dumb now because everyone and their mom has read it and loves it. UGH! I hate not being first! haha

So, I started compiling a list of books I wanted to read. These are books right from my shelf and from friends. That list is below...I always take the cheap route and hit up E-bay for the best deals on used books. Personally, I like used books better than a new one. I love the look of a book that was used, abused and loved so much because the reader couldn't put it down or move from that uncomfortable position just so they could finish that one last page of the chapter. *sigh* LOVE.

Anyway. Here's my list. Feel free to add anything (NOTE: I'm not a big romance, love, sweet book kinda girl. I like weird, twisty, turny thrillers/mysteries/freakish stuff. I like to be left flabberghasted nad wanting more. Feel free to input)

1. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo- Yeah. Great example of a book I bought before anyone else knew about it. Now it's bigger than shit and I still haven't read the first book in this series. Crap.

2. The Room by Emma Donoghue- Kelly is a huge reader and I get lots of book ideas from her blog. This sounded quite interesting.

3. The Abortionist's Daughter by Elisabeth Hyde

4.  The Devil in The White City by Erik Larson

5. Horns: A Novel by Joe Hill- Stephen King's son. Not a big King fan, but sounds promising.

6. Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King- This book is a bunch of mini stories in one book. I just got it out of my mouth that I don't do Stephen King, but the friend who told me to read this isn't either.

7. Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz

8. The Year of Yes by Maria Dahvana Headley

9. Sharp Objects by Jillian Flynn

That's my list for now. Comment, let me know if I've missed something you definitely think I should add. I'm also going to try books on CD. never been the one to do so, but on long drives, it sounds appealing. WHOOP!!!


Kate said...

I read "The Room" several months ago and couldn't put it down. It's just fascinating and I'd highly recommend it!

Katherine said...

I love reading as well - I loved The Room by also Slammerkin which is by the same author - I think you'd love it :)

Anonymous said...

I also read the Girl with Dragon Tattoo before it blew up. I became obsessed and even ordered the third one in the series from Europe since it was releases almost a year earlier there--can you say stalker?!? lol. I love good books, it's so much fun to be swept up in a fantastic story.

I really enjoyed Devil in the White City too--Leo DiCaprio REALLY wants to play this role badly and is trying to buy the movie rights-so freaking creepy but awesome. I learned a lot historically in that book as well.

Liz B said...

I would add Moloka'i to your list. This is a book that tells the story of a girl who contracts leprosy at the age of 6 in Hawaii and is sent to live at a leper colony. It's based loosely on fact. This is the best book I have read in awhile.

Chris said...

I agree with Liz B and Molokai is an absolute must read!

Have you ever heard of It's amazing... you create a profile and you create a list of books you've read and review them, a list of books you plan to read and a list of books you are reading. You connect with other friends who are also big readers and you can get ideas for what to add next to your to read list!

Also... I have Devil in The White City on c.d.'s... I'd be happy to swap books if you're interested.

I hope I don't sound like a creeper cause I think I kind of sounded like a creeper. I've been following your blog and just think you're fantastic!

Ally said...

I'm a new follower. I've been a very bad reader lately. I'm spending too much time blogging and reading blogs. Ugh! I want to read the Steven King book though!

Lacey said...

It's such a small world, I definitely remember you from Troy! :)

I was on a reading kick earlier this year but I haven't read anything lately, I need to start back! I haven't read some of the books on your list so I'll have to add those to mine!

I read the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series and it was awesome! My favorite series I've read lately was "The Hunger Games" series by Suzanne Collins. Let us know if you find anymore good reads!

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