Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Daily caloric intake/workouts & Giveaway!

Thanks to a new blogger I follow, Mel, from "I Pink I Love You," for talking about this app called My Net Diary. I've been searching for an app that I actually LIKE, to record my daily food and exercise. This seems to be pretty comprehensive with the food choices you can add....It allows you to scan barcodes for easier searching. Pulls the product right up! I paid for it, however. And I've only been using it for a couple days, but it's the best one for ME, I've downloaded thus far. It's actually an online based website, but I think recently became na app. WOO!

Do you use any iPhone or Droid app to keep count of your daily caloric intake and workouts? Which one?

Don't forget to enter to win an awesome watch By Orient in my giveaway! There's only a few entries- go enter...NOW! Click here. The worst that could happen is you win and don't like the watch and end up selling it on e-bay. haha. Just kidding. You'll love it!


Anonymous said...

I used this app last year to lose 10 pounds before we went to the Dominican Republic, it worked great. It really helped me keep a correct track of my caloric intake. It has a huge library, I never had a problem finding the foods I ate on there. I never took it off my phone and this week I found myself starting a new program on it to get rid of my winter weight. I love that they updated the app to include measurements and now it has a chart for your progress. I currently have the free one and it works great for me! Good luck, let me know how it goes!

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