Thursday, May 26, 2011

Review: Wonderbra, yes, in fact, has THE Ultimate Strapless Bra

Thanks for all of your book suggestions. They sound awesome! I'm seriously super excited to start collecting, reading and listening. Woo!! Book reviews coming sooner than later, let's hope.

I can't remember if I've blogged about my new bra yet. I've had it for about two months, but wore it for the first time about a month ago. If I've already reviewed this baby, just...I don't know...leave or, er, somethin'.

Wonderbra's Ultimate Strapless Bra

Let's be real. I have big boobs. D's to be exact, and they might even be bigger than THAT. Nah....I've gotten professionally measured. The first time I EVER got measured I was definitely one of those nerds who went through life thinking she was a B, when in fact she was a C. Yeah. So, first of all, do yourself and your "ladies" a favor, and go get professionally measured and buy the right sized bra.

However, even having the correct sized bra still doesn't change the fact that STRAPLESS bras are demons and never hold up the girls as they SHOULD be held. You all know what I mean.

Enter.....Wonderbra's Ultimate Strapless Bra. 

Hi, there.

 What?! Polycarbonate hand molds INSIDE the boob cups? Whoa....

 (This bra apparently ALSO makes you look like a ditz...See below.)

I was sick and tired of my strapless bra not supporting me in my abundance of strapless dresses and tops, so I started feverishly doing research to find THE ultimate bra for the job...typing "ultimate" in Google led me to this beauty you see above. It looked really interesting, and has been around for awhile. Obviously, if I had known about it sooner, I would have snatched it UP sooner, but as it is...

What's the major thing you want from a strapless bra? 

1. No sliding down NOR up in the back OR the front.
2. Support UNDERNEATH the breasts.
3. Support AROUND the boobs for that pushed-UP, but not right-under-your chin, look.
4. NO smooshing, poking or hurting the skin around your chest.

This bra is awesome. Period. Do you see those hand mold thingies inside the cups? They really do feel like someone's hands pushing up your boobs and holding them where you need them to be.

I bought the nude color in my normal size 38D. The band is a bit tight, but I feel like it helps with the fit. If you want a bit looser fit, go UP a band size.

You can search for the cheapest price online. I got mine for about $40 total. I can't remember where I bought it now.
For more information and cool reads on how this bra technology came about, go here.

A sucky strapless bra. Is this an issue any of you ladies have? Let me know if you've come across an awesome strapless or if you've tried Wodnerbra's. I will never buy another brand of strapless bra for the rest. of. my .life.


Kate said...

Thanks for the information! I was JUST thinking about a strapless bra for my strapless wedding dress coming up...I need to figure out if I'd rather have cups sewn in, or wear a bra and call it a day. At least with a bra like this, I could use it again!

Looking forward to more book reviews - yay! And I love the cute background! No, i'm a nearly A so I have nearly no issues with bras, even crappy ones. LOL

Ashley said...

I have ALWAYS had issues with strapless bras. My boobs are heavy ass bitches who are anti-strapless bra warriors, I'm also a D. Thanks for the rec, just in time for summer! Will check it out! :)

Erin said...

THANK YOU! Finally, a strapless bra that might work for me. I'll definitely try it out! :)

i will have to check this out!! i used to require my strapless bras to be low-cut between the cups, cuz i was wearing tops that needed that...but that was college. and the few years's getting to the point where i need a big-girl strapless bra!

Jenny said...

Deals, steals, heels: Ditto here. hehee, but some dresses I still have are lower cut and this bra is low enough that it doesn't peek out at all!! it truly is amazing!!

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