Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hi. It's me and I'm updating, so read me NOW.

Holy WOW. I'm writing a blog.

I swear I've tried to type something for the past few weeks, but every time I went to my "edit post" page I decided I didn't feel like doing that crap. So then I closed the window.

Well, here I am and I'd like to simply make a few points.....

Point 1: I'm still not completely out of my funk. Soon. I feel a change coming soon. In the meantime, I'm trying to remain positive.

Point 2: I made a resolution to only buy TWO items from Anthropologie a month, unless I had a gift card of some sort. So far, I have succeeded. I even have two cards with money on them to use- It makes me happy that Anthro has some ugly junk on their website at the moment. Oh, sure, there's still item after cute itme on my wishlist, but it's older stuff that's OUT OF STOCK. I'm stalking in hopes for a pop-back.

Point 3: Jenny likes to dance. I decided I needed "Dance Central" for Kinect and an Xbox to play it on...So, I bought it. I couldn't be happier with it. It's fun. It's hard, surprisingly. If you don't have some sort of dance background, try to do the medium skill level.....I can see how it could be somewhat of a challenge...and probably HILARIOUS. I can't wait to get my non-rhythmic friends over to play with me. Hhaha! I'm just kidding around. Geez. ;-)

Point 4: As of today, January whatever, there are TWO items I simply NEED...NEED....for Spring.

#1. Lulu Lemon's Studio Dance Pants II. 
Why so I NEED these?  Well, for one look how cute they are for some "athletic" pants. Yes. I love the gray color and the shape. For two, I'm going...wait for it...SKYDIVING this Spring and I've thought long and hard about what I'll wear- between the videographer documenting it and the possible grass stain I'd receive upon landing, I decided I must invest in some sort of sports pants that were cute. Here they are. 

Anyone own these?

#2. Lilly Pulitzer's Anders Dress in the print Booty Caw Caw
 Witty name for the print, right? Probably why I like it. Usually I'm no  Lilly Pulitizer prep girl, whatsoever, but I love the shape of The Anders dress and this GIRLY-ass PRINT. For me, it's awesome as all get out and screams ME.

Point 5: Last point I'd like to make before slipping back into my black hole for who knows how long...........I gained about 7 pounds this past Winter/Holiday Season. I'm not worried about it. I didn't really do my running nor P90X. I blame me, obviously, but I'm not going to beat myself up for it. Life's too short. Remember that people: LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO OBSESS ABOUT 7 POUNDS!! So...that being said, I've written out my workout schedule for next week and have purchased a NEW strength training DVD to try by a Miss Jari Love. Anyone tried her weight work DVDs? I'm excited for something other than Tony Horton. He's so damn annoying. 
I miss talking to all of you, truly, and it would seriously make my week if you'd leave me a comment and talk to me. K. Thanks.
HUGS! xoxo


Katie ♥ said...


Hi love!!!! Yay for a blog post! I knew the dance would be part of this! Such a cool game, I need to get that and have a dance party over here!

Ok those pants I heard are awesome, plus lululemon also has so many good reviews for each of their products , so check out the reviews for those, but I heard they rock! So cool you will be going skydiving!!

LOVE the dress, gosh its gorgeous, would look so beautiful on you, especailly with your eyes, geez you must get it!!!

Happy Sunday ! I LOVE your attitude too, dont obsess about weight, life is too short and great ; )

hahahaha I rhymed, Im a dork! But seriously , I dont even own a scale, cause I dont care, I just do ME! Muah!

Ashley J said...

Hope you get out of your funk soon cause I miss you and your bloggy blog!!!!!

Rachel said...

Hope you're doing good. I love the LP dress and I am not normally a huge fan!

Ashley said...

Jenny! Love the lululemon pants. Just like Anthro, I've managed to stay away from Nashville's lululemon store. It's for the best interest of my bank account. ;-) But seriously may have to check it out. I was telling my husband last week that maybe I'd be motivated to work out if I had some cute workout clothes.

Love your blog and I've missed your updates!

That dress is too cute, and it is very YOU! Definitely should get it :) I miss your blog!!! Come back soon! xox

Robin said...

Oh I love that dress. I mean LOVE. Can't wait til you're back for good!!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! You're back!!! Speaking of workouts, I have gotten a lot of positive feedback regarding Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. And it IS only $8 so I'm going to try it. I'll report back to you as to whether or not it worked for me. I have been using the Biggest Loser Volume 1 and 2 dvds but they are too easy so I need to try Jillian's dvd. BTW have you ever tried Wii Fit? It sounds fun but I'm not a gamer so I'm clueless. Cheer up chica!! xoxo

Blossom said...

I hope you don't feel guilty for taking a break; everyone needs it sometime. I love that Dance Central; I played it New Year's Eve at my friends' place. So much fun (and you're moving around a little bit too). Take care of yourself; not sure what your weather's like down there but up here it's constant cold (in the 10's and teens), windy and snowy. I think spring makes everyone feel better!

I own two pairs of those pants (the only Lululemon pants I like actually) -- they are completely awesome! And that LP dress, in both print and cut, is gorgeous...I want it now too. Anyway, I do hope you feel better soon. I was in a funk for pretty much all of December - those are no good :/

spiffy said...

I'm glad you popped in. I know nothing about the pants but I do think they are extremely cute!

Melissa said...

I'm glad you're back, if only for a minute :-) I totally agree with you, Anthro stuff is fugly right now, for the mostpart. I'm on a spending freeze until February, and have not missed much. I'm hoping for cute spring stuff.

I also LOVE that dress. It is gorgeous.

melinda said...

I LOVE the dress too!!

I gained 7 lbs over the holidays too!! They came off pretty easily once I started excercising again and stopped eating plates of fudge and other insane amounts of holiday food LOL. I either run or put on Jari Love or Insanity. Here are my workout reviews: I have tried everything. I really like Jari Love. Her workouts are killer and I see really great results with them. Weights is what I had been missing and it really helped me get lean. She can been sort of irritating after listening to the same DVD over and over, but she taught me alot the first few times I listened and now I just turn the sound off. Insanity I love too, but it is more high energy and extremely high impact so I'm not always in the mood for it. I agree, I can't stand Tony Horton and he talks WAY too much with too many breaks between excercises. Jillian's 30 Day Shred is loved by several of my friends I and do it occationally, but it isn't very challenging for me. Maybe I've done it for too long... I did it pre pregnancy and until I was 7 mo along and then started it 6 weeks post pardom. I needed something new for sure. Anyway, good luck with the 7 lbs!!!

i am OBSESSED with that dress. i love love love it. i kinda want the entire spring line of dresses to be honest =)

Brittany said...

Hey there stranger!! Glad to see a post from you :)

That dress is gorgeous.

Skydiving?! How awesome is that going to be? :) Is this your first time?

No worries about the 7 lbs, I gained 5 myself! However, I did get really sad about it lol. I WILL get it back off by summer though!

Hope to see more posts from you :)

Seven pounds is nothing!!! I am scared to get on the scale, but I can tell my clothes are tighter. I have been working out but need to get a bit more hardcore if I plan on looking better any time soon!

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