Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Guest Blogger Post: Self-esteem and feeling beautiful

Excuse me, whoever or whatever- may I please get a re-do of these first days in 2011 please? THEY'VE sucked. Thanks.....or not. Things can only get better right? Yeah- I'll keep saying that. No promises that I'll believe. ;)

So, anyway- I'm still not in a blogging mood and I don't know when I will be. I'm too pissy as of now to brighten anyone's day with my beautiful and harmonious words (haha). That being said, I would like to direct you to my fellow blogger friend, Veronika. About a month ago she asked me to contribute to a feature she was doing regarding self-esteem and being comfortable with yourself. I think it's so important to speak out on this subject. I've dealt with and STILL deal with issues regarding my body, my quirks, etc. I know other women do as well. Sometimes we can feel alone in our misery and insecurities, but everyone is fighting some sort of battle in this little thing called LIFE.

Please take the time to read here.

The other women who were featured have great answers and stories as well.

I hope everyone's year is starting out better than mine. LOL.

Run and tell THAT. Homeboy. (Yes. I still obsessed with that auto-tune "Bed Intruder" in case you were wondering.)

Oh, and please watch this as well. WTF is all I gotta say. I'm cracking up. I think I'll watch this everyday until I'm smiling as usual again.


Genesis said...

oh come on, share your pissy attitude with us. you know i miss you right?!

Ashley J said...

Everytime I read one of your comments on my blog you make me smile!!!! I need you around me 24/7 to boost my self esteem:) Are you on twitter?

Jenny said...

Gen- LOL! I miss you too. Maybe I'll share my pissiness soon.

Ashley- I'm So glad I can make you smile!! Truly! I'm NOT on Twitter though, no :(

Anonymous said...

That video was disturbing...yet I reposted it on my blog as a constant reminder (to myself) that I don't want to have children in fears that they may grow up to become adults, flicking their tongues, wearing hats with moving eyes, and pretending they are snakes.

I think you need a shopping spree at Anthropologie! That cheers up everything!

On a side note, I really appreciate what you wrote for Veronika's blog. It was good to read what you and the other girls wrote.

oh my - that video is hilarious. Favorite part: Slitttheerring in your Gaahhhden. haha

Hang in there lady - until Monday i can honestly say 2011 has not been my friend. But even still, I am lacking motivation and just general effort to get out of bed. Why?!

Nikosmommy said...

Just read your guest post over on Veronika's page. Great job! I was really amazed by how much I could relate to what you wrote. I too am 5'10, as was always the tallest in my class (in fact I was the same height as my MALE grade 6 teacher.)
I've always struggled with being taller and 'bigger'. I would die to be a size 6 but my reality is I'm more of a 10-12 and now I've finally learned to accept it!!!

Veronika said...

thanks again for participating beautiful girl :) whatever is pissing you off right now, it's nothing some candy can't fix, right? candy always makes me feel better about life :)

A.Co said...


OMG! That video is HILARIOUS! THANK YOU for sharing it - I need a laugh right about now, too :)

Hope things start looking up for you very soon and I'm glad we've 'met' :) :)

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Jana said...

...pissy attitude , o.k ;-)
I like your blog! I’m following it.
Have a nice day!


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