Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh, no she didn't- Oh YES, I did.

I put up my inside Christmas decorations. Yes. That means my fake, white tree as well.

Most of my decorations are from previous years save a few new pieces. I bought some stocking hangers you would usually place on a mantle and I placed them where the barstool counter was, didn't look right, so I just hung the stocking on the staircase banister. Blah.

Usually I wait- but I was sick of waiting and my upcoming busy-ish weekend schedule won't allow me the time put anything up a few weeks AFTER Thanksgiving. This is not cool by me. So, to hopefully put you in the holiday mood, here are a few photos of holiday cheer courtesy of Jenny.

Fake trees are easy- I just light a Christmas Tree scented candle for the full effect.
 LOVE all my Owl ornaments- they are seriously my favorite decoration. ALL YEAR ROUND.
Ornament- West Elm
Yeah. Love this team, too.
 Is this not precious- the frog holding the engagment ring behind his back?
Have I mentioned how much I love my DSLR- and how it makes me feel like a pro sometimes? ;-)
Cute little Owl with glitter!
 Chihuahua ornament? Duh.
Snow white owl ornament- West Elm

When do you decorate for the holidays, if you do?
Where do you get your decor?


Blossom said...

We put our outside lights up last week (have to do it before it gets too cold and/or snowy). And my mother changed the bathroom towels to Christmas too (I don't like it but not my house; what are ya gonna do!). We get a real tree so we won't put it up until probably a week or two before Christmas. I love your cute ornaments!

Jessica said...

I usually start decorating after Thanksgiving. However, I gave in this morning and listened to a couple Christmas songs!

Your snowman ornament is so cute! :)

mrs.mfc said...

Yay for Christmas decorations!!! Looks great!
I mayyyy have already put up TWO trees!! I just couldn't wait any longer! My decor is from all over- target, tjmaxx, dollar tree (don't laugh.. you can get great filler ornaments there!), Marshalls, Garden Ridge, Hobby Lobby, etc.

Awww it looks adorable!!! I'm putting mine up thanksgiving night or wknd! And awesome job on the win against the steelers :)

Kathleen said...

Ha that's awesome! I really wanted to put our tree up but Husband says no way until after Thanksgiving! I've started my shopping already though - I can't wait!!!!

Ashley said...

Jealous! Nathan won't let me put ours up yet... OK, truth be told, we threw out our old one and he hasn't agreed to go faux tree shopping with me yet... :-(

Sidenote- What DSLR do you have? Was this a recent buy? I really want one!

Jenny said...

So glad I'm not the only one with the decorating fever!

Ashley- I'm answering your DSLR question over on your latest blog post :-)

Anonymous said...

You are officially my new best friend. Or unofficially? How do we do this?

I was going to put my tree up over the weekend, too, but I didn't because my parents were in town and I really just wanted to hang out. I did go up in the attic and get ALL of my decorations down, though. And I put the white lights on my little Christmas tree shaped evergreen bush in my front yard. Step one, right? This coming weekend- Christmas is throwing up in my house. I, like you, am entirely too busy and/or not in town the weekends during and after Thanksgiving, and I can't wait to put my stuff up!

Cindi said...

I love your ornaments. They're so cute! I can't wait to put up our Christmas tree too!

Miss K said...

I love owl ornaments! Go Chi O!

Sportsgirl said...

Oh cool! It crossed my mind to decorate this weekend but I thought it might be too early. I might do it this coming weekend instead!! I won't be able to do the tree until a week or two before as our Christmas tree is a little mini spruce in a pot and he needs photosynthesis LOL

LahTeaDah said...

Love this! Your too funny! It it were up to me Christmas would be in full force November 1st!

Yours Truly

~ When Fashion and Tea Collide ~

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Great decorations! I especially like those owls! I'm hoping to decorate over T-giving holidays - probably the Sunday after! I do a tree and stockings and stuff - good times! (nothing outdoor though - maybe this year?)

Lorraine said...

Your title post is seriously funny. Love the decorations. I have so many decorations for Christmas I don't even know where to begin. I keep telling my husband I need to downsize. Most of mine have come from after Christmas sales and from my mom. I usually put my tree up right after Thanksgiving. Although this year I've been contemplating putting up before. I can't decide.

Christa said...

I've been fighting the urge to put up my tree. If I wasn't having family over for Thanksgiving I SO would. I love your tree (even though you have a Pats decoration and they beat my beloved Steelers yesterday) I still love it!!

Elizabeth said...

I love your trip! I love this time of year!! It looks so PRETTY! Putting mine up soon!

REBrown said...

I love the white chic!


I love your tree, and your ornaments are cute :)

I can't wait to put up all of my decorations. The holidays are the best.

Kelly said...

Looove that you decorated already! Last year we decorated on this past weekend too as we were going to be gone for three weeks in a row and by then it would have been December. We're going to decorate next weekend and I can't wait-- looove your owl decorations, especially the first one pictured! The frog ornament is too cute as well :-)

Tiffany said...

Very pretty! I usually decorate after thanksgiving, but I might have to do it early as well....I will have an extremely busy schedule starting soon.....

I love your tree!! We ususally decorate and get our tree the first weekend of December. I think I am going to stick with a real tree downstairs and a fake fun one in our room. I just love to look at the lights, so relaxing.

Gwen said...

So I'm a little late here but I love your tree!!! Especially the owl ornaments. Too stinking cute!!! I hope to get our tree up this weekend. XOXO

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