Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jenny Shopped at Anthropologie

Appreciated were all the comments you gave yesterday about my "friend." Some made me laugh, others made me shake my head in agreeance. At this point I think it's best for my mental health to not make any efforts to be around her. I won't ignore her- but won't go out of my way to invite her anywhere. I don't feel like dealing with it anymore.

This morning was Anthropologie sale morning- always look forward to this day each week.

I desperately wish it fell on a Thursday, however, since this is my pay-day every two weeks. Humph!

Today, my virtual bag consisted of only two SALE legwear items. I heart legwear- it's sexy, girly and brings a little something unique to an otherwise blah outfit.

Lace Peak Socks in Grey-
Mainly to wear with tall boots, although I adore the knee high tights look with dresses/skirts.
Zipping-By tights in Brown

Glad I didn't wait to purchase the Grey socks Thursday with the other items I have my eye on- looks as though they've sold out already. Geeze. I think that's a big downside of Anthro for me- things wildly going out of stock so fast, it makes your head spin.

P.S. After I posted the name and photo of the lovely scarf from Anthropologie Hilary Duff was sporting, it sold out online. It keeps popping back up in stock and I hope I catch it once I get paid Thursday. You better hope I do....because all you hoebags who went and bought it after I blogged about it better watch out if I don't....(joke, guys. joke.)


Anonymous said...

I.Love.You. :)
And I didn't buy the scarf. If I did, I'd send it to you, though. :)

And I want those Zip tights! SO HOT!

Jax said...

ha! I love Anthropologie! And I love seeing thigns on blogs, magazines, etc, but then I think "holy crap I need that NOW b/c it's going to sell out!" (kinda like when the NYE dress I wanted was in Glamour magazine and I flipped out). Love the grey socks!!!!

Dea said...

Hahahaha, you brought back "hoebags"!!! Hilarious!! And great legwear choices btw!!

I didn't buy the scarf either you hoebag! LOL

Those brown tights should be mine - fabulous!

Veronika said...

Jenny- I am LOL'ing at the last sentence of this entry about the anthro scarf...thanks for making my day :)

Anonymous said...

Jenny-O...I just came back from Marshall's and while I was standing in a queue, I glanced over and saw some cute felt accessorized holiday cards. One was a girl with dark blonde hair with a stylish outfit with a hat box in one hand and a small doggie's leash (dog was standing next to her) in the other. I IMMEDIATELY thought of you (even though you don't have dark blonde hair). details, details. :) I know you are designing your own cards but thought I would share my story. Hope you are well. xoxo

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