Thursday, November 18, 2010

50 Free Christmas cards? Yes. Duh.

I'm sure many of you have seen the blog posts regarding the awesome promotion from Shutterfly- it's extended to those social networkers who blog, tweet, facebook. 50 FREE Christmas cards! LOVE!

I love taking holiday cards with my two babies, although they couldn't care less for the whole dressing up, snapping photos bit.

I'm taking advantage of this- usually I end up spending $30 for the cards and saving money rocks.

Want to join in? Here's how:

#1. Go here if you have a blog and you'd like to get those 50 free cards. I believe the cards you get for free are the 5x7 flat folded or stationary cards...not sure if they're photo cards or not, but's free.
#2. Check out the other holiday cards, Christmas cards and PHOTO Christmas cards Shutterfly has to offer this year. I still can't decide which design I want. I think it'll depend on what I end up wearing for the photo.

I like this design, but kinda want to go for a more "whimsy" colorful feel. Of course, I'll let you all know.

Do you do photo cards or regular cards for the holidays? Or no cards at all?


Copyboy said...

I haven't yet, but one of these days I plan on it.

Elizabeth said...

I love holiday cards!

kelly said...

i love giving Christmas cards to my friend and family, and of course I would love to received also. It means so much when you received a card from someone. It only means that you are special for him/her to give an effort to wrote a card for you. ~ keen ~

Melissa said...

There's actually a promotion going on right now-- use codes SHIP30 and 10BUCKS and get $10 off purchase of $30 or more, plus free shipping plus the 20-30% off. I bought my photo cards this morning and 50 were only $23 (after tax!). Last year I spent $100.
PLUS, post the card on your personal blog or website and send them a link and they will send you a $25 coupon code (hello photo book gift for my mother for Christmas!)

Ashley said...

Jenny- Would love to get to know you better so I tagged you in a recent post. Check it out when you get the chance! :-)

Frugalista said...

I know...I heard about this deal. I think we're going to start with the tree this year and maybe graduate to X mas cards next year! I read that post about your "buddy." She's jealous!! I have a friend like that and her tactic is just to ignore me whenever I speak.

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