Monday, November 29, 2010

I just think you should know...

I haven't blogged, in what seems like, months. In actuality it's only been a few days? I think.....I'm lost. All I can think about are the holidays, lights, friends and family, presents, love and comfort and joy. And that's all I really want tot hink about to be honest.

As much as I love technology, it's nice to forego getting on the computer and chatting to friends and instead spending real quality time with them- and there's only more of that to come. So far, in the upcoming month, here's what my Social Life Calendar looks like:

December 4: Bridesmaid dress shopping for my friend Jamie's May 2011 wedding.
December 18: Yours truly is hosting a Tacky Christmas Sweater/Dirty Santa party. I am beyond ready to start planning for this. I can do tacky. My house, even, will be tacky-fied.
December 31: New Years Eve party hosted by my closest friend, Marion.

There are a bunch of work related activities, shopping excursions and bad-for-me food eating among those, but just some highlights. Be on the look-out for photo-heavy blogs in the near future (I think I've convinced my Dad to dress up like Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation, dark colored dicky and all, to my party. We love that movie, my family and I.)

Saturday I took my Christmas card photos with my two babies :-) I'll post more photos tomorrow, along with my OOTD for Thanksgiving.
Hope you all ate lots and feel relaxed and refreshed!


JMay said...

How cute are those lil ones!!!

Kathleen said...

Ha your pups are too cute all dolled up for Christmas! Abbie has a Santa suit with a sparkle Christmas tree on the back and Izzy has a cute Fair Isle pink sweater with a fur hood that she REFUSES to let me put on her. It's so not fair because the one time I did actually get her into it, she was a total doll!

And my family watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation just this weekend! We love it too!

Anonymous said...

Haha, love the pups' Christmas outfits! Adorable!

Genesis said...

looking forward to your photo heavy posts.

I love this month too! Although it's busy it's always great getting to see friends and family for the holidays. you guys look so cute in the pic, it should be a Christmas card!

Elizabeth said...

I totally love that photo!! So cute!!!! I want to see more pictures of the cute pups!!

Look at you and those babies! Love it!

I hear you - we all need a break sometimes!

Sounds like you've got some fun partays coming up and love it - I have a tacky sweater party the same night in B'ham! haha Looking forward to the photo posts!

Jax said...

Awww! haha! Love those outfits on your furbabies! adorable!

Veronika said...

ok that picture is just too cute for words!!!

Meg said...

Love the pic! I have the red Field Game cardi too.

My family loves Christmas Vacation and we watch it every year!

REBrown said...

We did ours this weekend too for the Shutterfly cards...too cute!

Thanks for coming by today sweets....and you look gorgeous in your pic.....really:) Those pups are super cute...all decked out for Xmas....miss you too!!

Stop by and say Hello:)
Statements in Fashion Blog♥

Omg that photo tops last year, not sure how you managed it?

love the pic, and wholeheartedly support any incarnation of cousin eddie!!

Louise said...

He he your Christmas cards are going to be fantastic and put massive smiles on the faces of all the recipients!

Ashley said...

Oh, this picture is too cute! I love y'alls outfits but I must admit that the little angel in the dress wins my best dressed award! She steals the show. :-)

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