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Dress right for your body type: Apple Shaped

If you look in my closet the main "style" you'll see is empire waisted tops and dresses. Why? Because I'm an apple.

Above anything else, I believe the first piece of smart styling advice anyone should receive is to dress for YOUR body shape. Listen- I love me some belts on the OUTSIDE of cardigans and a pretty sheath dress, but my round middle does NOT. It's just much more flattering for me to belt and THEN add the cardigan. It's much more streamlined.

Friends and family who see me often can expect to see me in clothing that has flare and flow to it. Several times people say,"I saw this top and it reminded me of you." It's always a babydoll/empire waist top.

When people first started saying this to me I was kind of offended. "Come on people...I wear other stuff. What are you trying to say?" was my first reaction. Whatever- I'm over it. I'm a master at hiding my "flaws" if you will- and proud that I'm so edumacated. HA! I think it's absolutely atrocious to see a woman with a rounder stomach wearing a fitted top that does nothing for her. She should know better, I'm just sayin'.

So, I'd like to take the time to explain what it means to flaunt an apple-shaped body. I'd love to speak on the other body types, but can't- so if you're a fashion blogger or any type of blogger, I'd love to see an entry on your body type and how you dress to impress for your shape! I challenge you to do so, even! So do it. And leave me to the link so I can read it. It may help out a fellow blogger who shares your body type.

DISCLAIMER: Every apple shaped body is different, so this is just a general idea of the shape and specifically, MY body shape.
First things first- Since body types are cute fruit names, here's an idea of what an apple looks like (You case you live in a cave.):

Now, that we've established visually what an apple body looks like- let's talk about what it actually means.

Wide torso (full bust / waist / upper back / broad shoulders)
Tendency to gain weight around mid section (stomach / abdomen)

Top-heavy appearance (bust and midriff are bigger then hips)
Relatively slim legs / arms / hips

Some famous celebs who are apple shapes include Elizabeth Hurley, Catherine Zeta Jones, Angelina Jolie and Tyra Banks.

Angeline Jolie, you say? Wouldn't think so, right? Well, it's because she's thin. Not all apple shapes are "obese", which I think is what most people associate this body type with. Morons. Anyway, if you look at photos of Angie in tighter clothes, you can tell her stomach is rounder than her long arms, face and legs- and her waist is pretty undefined. She's an apple. Her post-baby photos, although she looked damn good, show a little weight settling around her middle.

So, to reiterate it means that when you gain weight- it's going to happily set up shop in your middle region, while your arms, legs and hips are generally on the smaller side. So yeah- that's appealing....a big blob sitting in the middle of your body. Whatever. haha.

Also, which some people might not know, a rectangular body shape is often related to the apple.
This is where the broad shoulders, back and bust come into play.

Here are more visuals of apple shaped bodies on celebrities:
So, what should apple shapes wear to look their most flattering? Here are some tips. Some are my very own and some I found online:

1. Wear the best possible bra. Lifting the bust line will in turn lift everything else, helping to define your waist better.

2. Open, open necklines. You'll look best with low-ish necklines like V’s, scooped necks, cowl necks, open shirt collars and boat necks. The lower neckline helps to accentuate the long lean line.

3. Look for cotton, viscose and merino wool blends in fine gauge knitwear. Their thicker texture is less clingy than drapey jersey knit and therefore more flattering.

4. The length of your tops should either catch you just below your hipbone or a few inches above crotch point when you wear jeans or pants. If you wear shorter tops, I find it only brings more attention to your problem area.

5. Your body works well with most lengths of jacket, but try not to go shorter than the top of the hipbone.

6. The easiest way to define the waistline is to layer a structured and tailored jacket over a top because it draws attention away from the midriff and creates curves in all the right places.

7. If you can get your head around wearing waist-defining belts, try to find your sweet spot. It’s often a little higher than your natural waistline so that your belt hits the smallest part of your torso. Try belting a woven blouse or tunic over a skirt or pair of pants with a part elastic belt. The woven top won’t cling and the stretchy belt provides comfort as you move through the day.

8. YOU can rock the skinny jeans- you just have to find the right pair for you. A good tip: wear a longer top with the skinny jeans. It's much more flattering.
Look, I can only dress my body how I know I look the best- and that's what you have to do. Don't be scared to try things you think might not look good on you- you could be surprised!

In closing: Play up your best features, my fellow apples. Rock those shorter skirts if you got the legs!

Most importantly- and I want you to remember this above everything else: Walk tall with your head up and shoulders back. You can't deny someone who walks in the room like they belong there and know who they are and are proud of it. Confidence is the most flattering thing a woman can "wear" and it shows if you don't wear it well.
Have a fabulous weekend- all of yous.


Erin said...

ok so i have no idea what my body type is but i have this issue. I cant stand wearing a bar and then a shirt. I have to wear a built bra tank top in which i just normally don't wear a bra. I had a breast reduction and bras are not usually comfy for me. any tips on how you buy shirts that don't always rid up and show my love handels or fat if i dont wear a tank top.. or are there thin tanks somewhere so i can wear a bra and a tank? ha ha

Ashley said...

I would have to agree with the pp that I really don't know what type of body I have... but seeing these pictures helped. Maybe I have an apple body? My midsection (& boobs) is where all of my weight pools. This was an EXCELLENT, 5-star post- I really enjoyed it!

Great post. I think I am an apple too so I enjoyed the tips.

Sara said...

As an apple body type myself, can I say 'Hurray' for this post! All of your tips are right on and I love your confidence. Go girl!

Tiffany said...

Thanks for sharing! I think I found my body type,.. I'm an apple too! (Damn stomach, why can't it go to my ass?) lol. I definitely needed these tips as I plan to go shopping soon for lots of new clothes!

A. said...

Such a great post!

Natasha said...

This was a great post Jenny...thanks for sharing. I took your challenge and posted information my body type: the pear. Check it out here:

Kristina said...

I love posts like great and informative! Thanks!
Kristina J.

Anonymous said...

Jenny, I love this post, seriously. I am an apple too, and sometimes I really struggle with that shape. I will def reference this post again. Thanks!!

Long time stalker, first time commenter. =) Thank you so much for this post! I have shed so many tears about my apple shape. (Why, why can't I have hips and a butt?) You always look gorgeous so I'm going to follow your tips next time I go shopping. Thanks!!

Ok. I can't even begin to tell you how helpful this was!!! I just did a random search for dressing for your figure and ended up here. Having the pictures with the information was so wonderful!!! Thank you for taking the time to write this.

Andrea said...

I hate being an apple so freakin' much. Thanks for the tips though. :(

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