Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yeah- this is a Hilary Duff post

Usually I'm not one to blog about celebrity style and fashion. My style is more classic and "boring" if you will than any celebrity I see. For the life of me I just can't figure out how they always look so put together even in just jeans, scarf, boots and a tee.'s called a stylist. But, no...wait. They don't ALWAYS have stylists- so what the hell...
Anyway, I saw a blog about Hilary Duff today and I just felt compelled to blog it up on her. I think she is drop dead gorgeous! She has turned into such a beautiful young woman. Those eyes, those cheekbones. Damn, girl.

Save those "big teeth" years. Srrsly. What the F was that all about? One day her teeth just turned into super gigantic horse teeth- and the next, they look pretty normal. I would guess it was because she got so skinny at one point, but that can't be it, because she's still slim and her teeth are nowhere near as huge as before....*thinking*..............maybe she got big teeth caps and then got them taken off once people started calling her a horse mouth. OMG. Can someone please stop me from freaking blabbing? I've gone off way too far into left field here.
Yikes, Hil.
So, yes, I just love her style. It's so simple yet pretty and fun, sexy and chic. Here are some photos around the web I found.
This appears to be the Muddled Dreams Anthro scarf. If not, it's So similar. LOVE :-) Now I want it even more.

I think this may be my favorite look of this lot- I ADORE her huge earrings and scarf. So gorgeous.


Genesis said...

omg, i love her oxfords. i agree she is truly one of my fave style icons

Kelly said...

Ahhh, I love her too! Don't you just imagine her being so down to earth that you could be friends with her? I love how she works out, yet she has serious muscle tone and she's not disgustingly skinny and/or orange from tanning. And yeah, I think she got veneers/caps at one point-- sooo glad her teeth are back to normal!! ;-)

Jessica said...

I am a HUGE HUGE Hilary Duff fan! So glad you posted this!

Miss K said...

LOVE HDuff! Her style is so easy to wear and recreate. Here's the post i did today on a breakdown of her style:

LahTeaDah said...

I am a huge Duff Fan - And the reason I think I am is actually because she seems REAL.... not like a lot of the stars out there that seem less life-like than their Wax Museum Twin....

I like Miss Duff..... THanks for this post - she has some serious style!

Yours Truly

When Fashion meets Tea

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REBrown said...

I love H. Duff too! She seems a lot more put together and normal than a lot of celebrities her age.


Veronika said...

i absolutely love her! :) and she's from Houston!

Those earrings are huge - love them - almost makes me want to get pierced! Great scarves too - heart that you found it at anthro!!

Copyboy said...

Lizzie M all grown up. Not that I ever watched the show.

Elz said...

She is a pretty girl and Damn! she can work a scarf!

UGH, yeah, celebs run out for coffee and look stunning! SO not fair!! When I run out for coffee, I hope no one I know sees me LOL. My roommate is one of the maddeningly adorable pple that usually looks cute even after rolling out of bed. UGH.

I agree! even though I think she is a horrible actress, I do think she is one of the most naturally pretty people in Hollywood. It never looks like she tries that hard with make up and clothes which is nice to see for a change... and yes... so glad she got rid of the chompers!

Anonymous said...

You're totally right- I hadn't noticed how pretty she has become!

mary said...

I am a huge Duff fan! She looks out of the ordinary. Thanks for this great post!Discount UGG

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