Saturday, October 30, 2010

So, now that I ran the 10-Miler.....and possible blogger meet-up?

I think I'm finally starting to feel rested. I'm blogging on a weekend, which I never I MUST feel better. After a hectic week, I'm so happy to just be lounging around my parent's house doing absolutely nothing. I was supposed to attend a Halloween party tonight- and be the most ghetto fab Antoine Dodson you'll ever see- but I'd rather my cold get completely better before I start gettin' all crazy and junk. haha

Have I thanked all of you who have supported me this entire time with my running? If not, thanks from the bottom of my heart! Training was tougher than the actual run- kinda weird how things surprise you. I feel like I could definitely run a 6k and another 10 miler now, no worries. I just better stretch better beforehand- and maybe rock my knee-brace. Ugh. Stupid knee. I hate you with all of my soul.

A few of you asked if I'll continue running- the answer is YES- albeit not as often. I miss P90X- can you believe that? It's time to focus on my weight loss/fitness again and damn I miss that kick ass strength training- nothing changes my body more than working out with weights, so for the next few months my fitness focus will include P90X with only a few cardio days- which WILL be running/jogging- nothing over 4 miles for me though- unless I get a wild hair. Wild hairs are crazy.

There's a race in February, The Mercedes Half, which my friend keeps asking me to run- I think it'll be my next race goal. Maybe. I refuse to put so much pressure on myself right now to do it. 

Next weekend, Kelly from Fitting Back In, is coming to town with her pups! We're from around the same area. Funny story is that we have mutual friends/acquaintances, but haven't met in real life- and I randomly found her blog one day while searching for healthy recipes. I recognized her and immediately messaged her telling her I thought we knew the same people- to this day we STILL haven't met in real life!  Her blog is one of my favorites to read, so next Saturday we're planning a small get-together with our babies :-) So excited! Photos will most definitely be taken.

And because I love Better Than Ezra so much, I have to share a Fun Fact: If you like Sugarland's song "Stuck Like Glue" just know that lead singer from BTE, Kevin Griffin, helped write that song...*sigh* God, I love a man who can write, sing and play an instrument...That's the way to my heart, ladies. Fo Sho.


Veronika said...

I smiled when you said you missed P90! that's hardcore, girl! I'm proud of you :)

Elizabeth said...

How amazing you might have a blogger meet up! I hope to have one in the near future too!! Keep us posted if you do!

Hi! Wish I would have blogged a few weeks earlier - yes, I did Army 10 Miler. How did you do? Where do you live? In the DC area? Can't wait to start following your blog :-)

PS - sorry I've been a slacker!

Yay!!! I know we can make our bloggie meet-up work! I believe the shower is from 2 to 4 so let's get it together, missy!

I'm glad you're feeling better - I rested so much this weekend and still need some more rest to prepare for the next - WOO!

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