Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Brady!

Brady is 3 years old tomorrow- He's a Halloween pup!
He's the sweetest, most playful Chihuahua with the biggest personality ever.
I love him so much!

Brady on his 2nd birthday- Free birthday cookie!
Of course- In his bumble bee costume! Hates it.
Brady as a puppy. So tiny and furry!! Sleeping Brady :) I love feeling him next to me at night.
Happy Birthday, Brady!!!


Kathleen said...

Oh my goodness - he's such a doll! I'm the same way with our pups: they are absolutely my babies and I spoil them rotten! Happy Birthday Brady!

Big Pissy said...

Happy Birthday to your adorable little boy!!!

awww happy birthday buddy!!! he's such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

hahaha, aw, I love that last picture! Happy Birthday Brady!!!

Cindi said...

Aww happy bday brady!! The puppy pic make him almost look like a little kangaroo. Sooo cute.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Brady!!! Love, Crys and Mercedes

Kayla said...

Lovin his mid-air daredevil shot. Happy Birthday Brady!

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Kristen said...

What a cutie pie! Happy Birthday Brady!

Elizabeth said...

I absolutely LOVE Brady! Rosie too! :-) Hope you have a nice weekend! :-)

Alicia said...

Brady and I share the same birthday. Happy Birthday Brady!

Happy Happpy Birthday to Brady! You do know that we STILL need to do a bloggie meet up and that part of this must be a doggie meet up too, right?!

Liz B said...

I know you did an owl pumpkin already, so maybe you can do a Brady one next year!

Brittany said...

Happy Birthday Brady!!!

megan said...

Aww! My Brady and I wish your Brady a very Happy Birthday!

REBrown said...

Yay Happy Birthday! We finally got our doe head chihuahua two weeks ago and he is ball of fire!


Awwww...Brady is adorable hunnie....Happy Halloween to you!!! and Happy Birthday to Brady:)

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A. said...

I love flying Brady!

Heather said...

I hope Brady had a wonderful birthday!!

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