Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Owl-oweeeeen!!!

You know I love Owl's. Naturally- my pumpkin carving would be an owl. 

Want an owl pumpkin, too? Here are the easy instructions:
1. Scoop out all of the gook inside.
2. Cut little "v's" for the owl feathers in the front. Probably about 5 will work. Save these as you'll need them for ears, beak and feet.
3. Attach two mini pumpkins for the eyes. You can just use a screwdriver to make holes and if there are stems on the mini pumkins just attach them via the stems. if NOT, use wooden scewers or something.
4. Attach the beak, ears and feet with wooden scewers.
5. Finished!! Proudly display your cute little owl.


Kaitlin said...

This is completely cute!!! I wish I was that good at carving pumpkins. Love it!

Cindi said...

OMG this is so cute!!!! The kiddies will love it once they come trick or treating!

Loren said...

oh my gosh! You did such a good job! It is SO cute! I love owls too, and never thought about doing a pumpkin owl...great idea!

Heather said...

This is just tooooo cute!!!

Brittany said...

This is just the cutest darn pumpkin I have ever seen! I love it :)

Congrats on your 10 mile race! (I know I'm late, sorry :( School is kicking my butt though!)

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