Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Anthropologie: What I bought and what's new on my wishlist.

A few of you asked in my last post what I bought at Anthropologie in D.C. when I was there- I can't believe I forgot to TELL you. Geez. ;-)

Like I said before I left on my trip- I refused to pay the baggage fees ($40 total) to check a bag, so I used the biggest I was allowed to carry-on and I packed very, very wisely. All my friends were envious and I have to felt good to spend that $40 on something else worthwhile...such as sushi from the BEST sushi joint in D.C. "Sushi, Sushi," or this cute little cardigan and top from Anthropologie:

"It's A Cinch Top" and "Graphite Pop Cardigan"

This photo was taken during one of my trips to Anthropologie and was originally posted in a previous entry. I just loved the combo of these two together, and both went on sale last week. They were small enough to fit into my suitcase, so I listened to my heart and....cha-ching!
I tried on a few items during my trip to the store and added this dress quickly to my wishlist:

Wightwick Manor Dress
It looks a little blah online, to me, but in real life I thought the colors were VERY pretty. It has blues, greens and hints of goldish-yellow. LOVED the shape and it's perfect for fall. Definitely would love to have this in my closet.

 Once I got home from the trip I immediately sat down and ordered something- it was too big to buy and fit in the suitcase...can you guess what it was?? ;-) I'll post that later this week along with what I bought with my birthday discount!

That being said- I'm sick (again!!) so I'm going to lie down for awhile. Ugh. I hate when one nostril is clogged. haha. Have a good one, ladies (and gent).


No! Feel better soon!

LOVE that manor dress - you must take pics with it on!

Cindi said...

I wasn't feeling the manor dress until I saw it on Anthro's site on that model. Now I'm loving it. Of course...another shirt dress to fall head over heels for. Like I need another one right?

hope you feel better soon great picks !!!

PS don't forget to enter my stilla giveaway xoxo

Elizabeth said...

Very cute outfit!! Hope you feel better lady! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the combo in the first photo!!! LOVE!

gigiofca said...

You got a coat! That's my guess. Cardi looks great on you & surely you'll rock the dress ;-)

Kathleen said...

That combination is great! And a great buy too! I love success stories in the sale section! LOL

I can't wait to see what you ordered. If Gigi is right and it is a coat, I'm super excited to see which one (because I might need it too!)

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