Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wishlisted- Part 1

I don't know about you, but I have bookmarks upon bookmarks of wishlisted beauty, clothing, shoes and miscellaneous items. I realize that simply bookmarking these days is just not as "attractive" as using a cute website, but I feel more organized this way- I have separate folders labeled apporpriately and I check daily to make sure said items are still in stock...JUST in case, you see? usually it's items that I "need"- You know, the basic red pumps or work pants. Other times I save coveted items that I fall in love with, but don't want to spend the money on at the time.

I felt like putting a few of my wishlisted items in my post today- I have a part 2 for tomorrow, so come back for that.  I really have nothing of substance to add except that I re-start P90X today: Chest and Back. My least favorite of the entire discs. Ugh. I'm such an upper body weakling. Give me legs ANY day of the week, please....

1. Cognac, flat boots- Currently my boot count in my closet is at 6. All but two being brown boots- I technically already HAVE a pair of flat browns, but I fell in love with Steve Madden's Intyce boots. BEFORE everyone else got them, mind you. I just haven't felt like spending the money on them yet. *sigh* I need to. It's gonna get colder sooner or later. I need these to wear with dresses. Not like you need to see the said boots I want, but here ya go:

2. Blue and orange dress- I'm an Auburn University fan and can't believe I have YET to own this color combo dress. Pathetic, Jen. This Jessica Simpson dress is out of stock most everywhere, but I found one somewhere and it's wishlisted. I need to buy it ASAP! It's so cute and perfect for football games, etc.

3. Wine, opaque tights- Done. Bought a pair from ebay today. I simply needed a basic pair of burgundy colored tights for cooler weather. I can't wait to pair them with boots and a cute dress. LOVE this color- it's so rich.

4. Gold Cord Skirt- I had my eyeball on the Spitifield Skirt from Anthro, but it sold out and has yet to come back in stock in my size. I'm sick of waiting. I went elsewhere and found one I think I'd like better anyway. I love a cord skirt. Casual, yet cute and put together. Great combo I always say. Plus, that rich gold color is one I'm obsessing over big time for Fall.
5. Longer, gold cardigan- See? Gold. I have the perfect dress, Tea and Sweets Dress from Anthropologie, that I want to pair with this gold cardigan. OH my goodness. I just love the thought of it- I ordered the Infinity sweater from J. Crew and it looks amazing. Can't wait to wear it and post photos!

* Tell me- what's on your fashion wishlist these days?
Check out Part 2 of my wishlist tomorrow- Almost Friday, guys! :-)


Cindi said...

I've also been looking for a pair of cognac boots for awhile. And one item on my wishlist I haven't gotten until recently is a northface trench jacket! :) It rains so much here and the northface ski jackets just don't cut it for what I wear for work. The trench is stylish and it's useful. I couldn't believe it took me this long to get it.

Anonymous said...

I've had my eye on those boots for so long too! lol
Love that dress, War Eagle! :) I almost went to school there!

Ooh, where is that skirt from? I love that!

Love the boots! I am so picky about boots, I never buy any!

Elizabeth said...

I am loving those boots! :-)

Dea said...

Great picks. They're all perfect for the fall.

Ashley said...

It seems like everyone has those boots. Well, everyone but you & me of course. If you love them go ahead and pull the trigger! Yes, I'm totally an enabler. My patients wore me down today. lol!

Lorraine said...

Those boots are so great. I would love to have a pair of them as well. I had to settle for the Target knock offs. Maybe someday I will have them.

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, I like the idea of wine tights- I'll have to hunt some down!

Mikaela said...

i love those boots too!! on my wishlist as well

Jennifer said...

I really like those boots! I have actually seen " knock off " ones at Target and also at Wet Seal.

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