Friday, September 17, 2010

Shorty what your name is?

What is one fashion trend you'd love to try, but for one reason or another you're hesitant about?

I absolutely LOVE the long-sleeved mini dress with heels look. And I am NOT afraid to try it.  I love my legs and think its a super sexy and chic look. Here are some fine examples:
The ruby red color, the lace, the heels, THOSE LEGS! I love everything about this dress and wish it were mine! I'd wear the hell out of it!

Can't go wrong with a little black mini dress. Kim kardashian is beautiful and I love her in this mini- I love how it accentuates all of her sexy curvatiousness.

More examples. The simplicity of the dresses make them appealing to me in this instance- it's because of that fashion "rule" I always abide by.........Don't expose both boobs and legs. Cover one or the other up- and having the arms and chest covered put the spotlight on those fabulous gams! Add some heels and it's all over people. Get ready to turn some heads....

I've been on the prowl for a mini dress that I like- maybe not AS short, because I also want to be confortable and confident. I have a few options bookmarked- so once I decide which one to buy I'll reveal MY version.

Happy Friday- I don't know about all of you, but I'll be catching up on my sleep this weekend.


Anonymous said...

OMG, J. Lo looks RIDIC in that dress! Is that a recent photo? So amazing...I wish I love my legs more, this is a great look!

You would TOTALLY rock that style - love it!!

I've seen it around a lot and am still unsure if it's for me? It confuses me like cordoroy shorts!

I love this look too....really chic looking:)

Hope you are doing well!

Have a Fashionable Day:)
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Genesis said...

one trend im dying to try is the romper. i actually bought one over the summer but never had a place to wear it. its WAY too short for work and summer is over so now its just gonna sit in my closet.

Cindi said...

Have you seen the Discovery Lace dress and tried that on yet? It's very similar to the black ones you had above. Good for you for embracing your legs. I hate hate hate mine! If I can rip mines off and just beat it, I would. They're tree stumps. So I tend to wear tights with shorter skirts.

Lol im the same way. I hate my arms so it's so hard to find cute dresses that arent sleeveless or with sphagetti straps, I get so mad when I have to go like a wedding and all the cute dress are strapless =(

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