Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let's do some shopping shall we??

It's VERY rare that I find anything I find cute at Old Navy.  Its even MORE rare that I find anything that fits well at Old Navy.  The other night I was browsing online stores, as usual, and came across some items at Old Navy that I thought were definitely worth a try-on. At the time I wasn't doing anything so I hopped in my car and went to Old Navy an hour before they closed (I was nice and put everything I tried on BACK on the racks in their correct spots. I'm too damn nice sometimes). Here's what I tried on:

Cranberry Cord Dress- I had high hopes for this dress, but it was JUST OK. See in the photo how the waist nips in? Yeah- it was NOT like that. It was a shapeless mess. I loved the color and how comfortable it was and I decided I still wanted it- I will try to get the waist tapered in. Is that possible? To have JUST the waist tailored in? I'm sure it is, but wondering if anyone has had experience with that.....

Cowl-Neck Dress- I really loved this "dress." In reality.....It's a tunic, people. Even the reviews online explain how short this "dress" is once you get it on. I'd definitely rock it with some black leggings. I originally had my eye on the Moonlight Sonata Blue color, but in person it was UGGGG-LEE. The striped was the cutest to me. Definitely purchasing.

Cord Bell Skirt- CUTENESS! I LOVED this skirt OH so much. The khaki color was a great basic, but what you can't see is how darling this blue-gray version is. Trust me.
3/4 Sleeved Ruffle Dress- They didn't have this dress in-store, but I've been wanting a green dress. I think this is feminine and cute and a basic dress to dress up or down- so I'll probably go ahead and buy it and return if it doesn't work. I also love the blue color, but I have way too much blue in ym closet to justify another blue dress.

With Old Navy prices being VERY reasonable, I'd recommend these pieces for Fall For sure. Especially that Cord Mini skirt.



Kelly said...

Oooh, I like that green dress a lot!! That is one color that I'm really lacking in. I have the same problems with Old Navy too... I find something cute and then the shape or cut is all wrong. Glad to hear that the tunic sweater "dress" is cute!! I might have to check it out as I need some new things to wear with leggings and boots!!

Ashley said...

um, okay, I LOVE that green dress. L.O.V.E. love!

And it's really easy to get the sides taken in on a dress - I've done it myself and I'm NOT a good sewer at all - a tailor would probably charge you no more than $15 (of course, it might be more depending on where you live and if the dress is more complicated than it looks)

Blossom said...

You could try a belt with the cranberry dress?

Liz B said...

I think you have such great taste in clothes, I love when you share some of your picks! I think I need to check out Old Navy now, b/c I am loving all of those items!

I'd probably just belt the cranberry dress instead of taking it to a tailor. I would also try belting the green dress, which is my favorite out of all your picks!

Im so glad you're blogging again! This is one of my daily reads. I wanted to get on here and yell at you for taking a break!! lolz, but that wouldn't have been very nice!

Also, have you tried any energy gels, jelly beans, fruity chews, etc. during your runs? Im doing a NINE freaking mile long run this weekend, and I am going to start experimenting with some energy things during long runs to see how I feel.

Jenny said...

I'm glad you all agree on the green dress!

I thought it was so simple, yet cute!

Blossom and Liz- I'd LOVE to belt the dress, but my body shape doesn't really bode well with belts. I always look for an empire waist because it's flattering for my "trouble spot." For most people, they say the empire waist makes them look pregnant, but it does the opposite for me I think.

Liz- You are TOO sweet and your comment made my day. For you to say you like my style really is flattering! I like to think my style is classic. I like trends, but not Haute fashion, for the most part. Just a piece or two here and there.

Genesis said...

i usually only buy sweaters from ON because i find all their dresses to be way too short for me. and yes you can get the first dress tailored. there are seams in the front, i forget what theyre called and usually thats where its taken in from, not the sides.

now youve made me want to go to ON.

Kelly said...

Cute picks! I usually have trouble at Old Navy too. I'm fine with their basic tanks and all, but a lot of their other stuff just doesn't fit quite right. I'll have to stop in ON soon and check out some of their fall pieces...especially that cord skirt!!!

Sara said...

All of those are so cute. I will have to check a few of them out! Is that cord skirt super short? It looks short.

Jenny said...

Sara- Yes, that cord skirt is on the shorter side, but I could easily pull it down a bit and wear it with tights to work and be appropriate. And my legs are long- which tends to make things look shorter. :-)

Hi Jenny,

Ashley is completely right about taking the sides in on the dress. Something else you could consider is having four long-ish vertical darts put in: one under each boob, and one under each shoulder blade. You probably would want a tailor to do that if you're not an experienced seamstress, although once you've pinned it up and made all four darts roughly identical, it's extremely easy to sew. The disadvantage of this method is that it's slightly harder than taking in the sides. The advantage is that it leaves you with a finished product that's really flattering (more than just taking in the sides would be).

Glad you're still posting!


Thanks for this! Going to old navy for some of those cord skirts pronto thanks to you!!

I just came home from ON and I got the cranberry dress =) For me it is a dress, not a tunic, it goes past my knees and I'm 4'11' so if your short it works as a dress. Thanks for posting that, I love it!

Amy said...

Those dress looks great, I like the green one, it is cute and cool.


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