Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm back!.....For now....

I just can't stay away from you guys! I knew my hiatus wouldn't last a week, but just in case, I didn't want my blog to be sitting here untouched. lol- Listen, I appreciate all of the comments and that you all understand that blogging and reading others' blogs can be time consuming. It is for me at times, anyway.

As someone who works with social media, I always have in my mind the rule we always tell anyone interested in starting a facebook fan page, Twitter account or blog- it needs to be timely and up to date. I guess I just put pressure on myself to keep up with this blog almost daily and I just couldn't do it anymore (As silly as that sounds. Not trying to get dramatic here- it's just a blog). And I won't do it. This isn't for my job, this is my own personal crap. I've decided to blog when I feel like it and not just because I feel that I should or need to.

That being said-- Today? I FEEL like blogging :-)

So, remember that yellow dress (Gen, are you still reading?) I had big plans to wear last Friday? It came in the mail yesterday. It's lovely, just as I knew, but then as I was parading around my bedroom in all its lovliness- the zipper split. Yeah. That joker just split right up the side. You know you can't fix THAT junk. So I added it to the pile of "clothes to take to the tailor," which is adding up, my friends.

Anyway- decided to call Anthropologie and tell them the issue- they sweetly refunded me 20% of what I paid for the item, to get the zipper fixed. One of the reasosn why I do love this company so much. Their prices are crazy-high, but their customer service is impeccable. At least in MY experience.

Running: I ran after work yesterday. I struggled guys. I don't know what the deal is- I hope yesterday's deal was from lack of food beforehand. I need fuel. Today, I'll try again.....this time with food. It'll either be a 3 or 4 mile run- and this weekend I'm GOING FOR THOSE 6 DAMN MILES. I don't care how long it takes me (LIE), I just want to complete 6 miles.

I'm getting those mid-day slumps right now...It's right after lunch so that's when it usually hits me. Do you get those at work? if so, about what time do you start to feel draggy and how do you remedy that? Or maybe you don't. Personally, I don't like drinking caffeine because it drives me crazy. I feel all paranoid and shit. Like someone's watching me. That's an exaggeration, but you get the point.

Until next time!!


Cindi said...

Good for you for not feeling the pressure of writing everyday in the blog. I seriously do the same thing...on the weekends I'm off. I might read for pleasure but I want to enjoy my time away from the computer since I sit infront of one everyday.

I am a sucker for caffeine...I love in Seattle the coffee capital of the world! If I have a huge lunch I get this drag around 3 pm but I found that ever since I moved into my office with a window, it hardly have happened. Natural light I guess does help!

Genesis said...

I KNEW IT! i knew youd be back and i was even thinking of you this morning!

my mid-day slump occurs right around 8:01 and then countinues to spiral downward after that. i dont remedy it. its better not work against the forces of mother nature.

a. yes i was still reading. lol. sorry the zipper exploded. i hate when that happens. i have a ton of crap to take to alterations and its piling up too.

b. 6 miles...if you run it this weekend, ill run that too. care to run together in misery?

Hi dollie...yayyyyy, you are back!!! You are so right, just blog when you can...dont let it be a stressful thing in your life....its supposed to be fun!!!

I get that way at work too...I usually eat a small handful of almonds, keeps my hands busy and they get me going again....:)

Have a fabulous day:)
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Ashley said...

Pretty dress! Glad you are back. I honestly don't understand how people manage to blog everyday- it is time consuming. Keep the fun in your hobby, you've got a bunch of people reading & supporting you!

alanna said...

i lo0o0o0ove that dress! as soon as it's all fixed up, i'm sure you'll look beautiful in it! that's great to know about anthro's customer service, too.
i didn't blog for like two months, came back, and everyyyything's fine :D
p.s. saw that you're reading the help - LOVED IT!

Very cute dress, too bad about the zipper.

I tend to suck at my runs when I have not eaten at least an hour before.

Kelly said...

BUMMER on the zipper breaking! But good news that you can get it fixed!!

I sometimes have a big running fail and blame it on no energy. I've been meaning to research, what is a good food to eat right before going for a run? What do you eat?

Hope you're having a great day!

Blossom said...

Darn dress! but that IS great customer service. I always don't get bloggers who put the pressure on themselves to blog every day...just do it when you feel like it! As long as it's a few times a week (otherwise we'd miss you, lol)...

Anonymous said...

Bummer about the zipper, but yay for getting refunded!
It's adorable as hell, I bet you rock it out!
I have so not been feeling the urge to blog lately! at all!

Kathleen said...

I know what you mean about blogging because you want to. There are times when I wish I had more followers or comments, but then I remember that the benefit of not having a huge following is that I can do whatever I want and not feel tied to any particular feature or layout.

Boo about the dress, but how great is Anthro to refund your money.

And for the running, just do what you can and take it slow. If you have to slow down or walk, go ahead and do it. The point in training is to build your endurance so traveling the distance is more important than how long it takes you. Good luck!

yes! i get those and hate them! I started taking my lunch a little later so that when I come back I only have 3 hours left of work before I can leave. I never used to take a lunch which made the day drag on even more!

Sportsgirl said...

Great to see you back so quickly! Definitely do not feel pressured to update your blog daily.... if you don't it makes it special when you DO blog.. LOL

Wow that's awesome about Anthropologie refunding 20%... that IS great service! Worth the money IMO.

Sportsgirl said...

Oh about the afternoon slump... sometimes it's what you eat for lunch. I've heard people say if they eat too many carbs for lunch they get sleepy.... perhaps just have a protein and veggie lunch?

Elizabeth said...

YOU BACK!!! Yay!!!! Hope your having a wonderful week my dear! :-)

oh goo! hate to hear that bout the zipper but love the servie level there - I hope that cost difference covers it so you can wear it asap!

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