Monday, September 13, 2010

This is the end....for right now

I'm in a mood this morning, boy.

That being said- I'm taking a break from my blog. It's getting on my nerves.

I need to concentrate on my running. I would actually like to complete all 10 miles on October 24.

And honestly, I'm sick of reading other running blogs in which the authors complain that they "didn't do so well" on their last 5K, with a "horrible" time of 30:00 minute. Really? Kiss my ass and stop whining. That's pretty good, if you ask me...then again, it depends who you ask. These blogs usually inspire me- but not right now.

I'm also sick of the "fashion" blogs I read on a daily basis.

Usually I wouldn't mind reading these blogs. In fact, I obviously love to read these types of blogs. Those are what interests me: healthy eating, running, fashion and random. But right now, all it does is frustrate me to no end.
So, I'm taking a break. This break may last until tomorrow, maybe next week- or maybe a year. This could just be me taking all of my daily pressures and frustrations out on my blog (haha). Whatever it is, I just don't want to write at the moment...

This doesn't mean I'm not still reading the blogs I follow- and like I said above....I may feel like writing TOMORROW.

So, until next time! Have a great week!


Kaitlin said...

You will be missed, but good luck in your endeavors!

Jenny said...

Thanks, Kaitlin. :-) I'll be around!

Blossom said...

Boo....I'll miss ya but take your time!

Take care of YOU first - we'll all be here when you're ready again. I'm rooting you on for completing your 10 miles - hell, my jogs consist of the number of times I can run around my block, so I am pretty sure I'm not clearing anywhere close to even 1 mile - you runners out there impress the heck out of me!

Blogging can be like a second job sometimes, and like any other job, sometimes you just have to take a break!

Kathleen said...

Aw well I'm sad to hear that you are taking a break, but absolutely make yourself priority number one! Good luck with your training and the race!

Meg said...

I completely understand where you're coming from. Sometimes reading fashion blogs makes me more self-conscious, like when they're all, "I tried on a size 0 and it was too big." Oh, boohoo.

Sometimes it's good to take a break! Good luck with your running and hope to hear from you sooner or later!

Elizabeth said...

Awwwww....hope you are OK!!! You will be missed but I know the feeling... sometimes you have to get a way for a bit!!

Sorry to hear you will be away...but like others have said...YOU come first....:)
I wouldnt want to "have" to write or post everyday if my heart really wasnt in it....and right now, your heart needs to be on running:)

Good luck to you!

Statements in Fashion

Genesis said...

amen sister! who the F cries over a 30:00 5k...a-holes I tell ya!

im sure you'll be back. who else will comment on my stupidity.

Katie said...

I hope your days get better! It sounds like you've been having a tough week. I just want to let you know that I enjoy your blog so much! But take care of you first!

Go have a big glass of wine!

hope you get better we will be here for you

melissa said...

I totally feel ya on the running blogs. I had to unsubscribe myself to half of them because they just made me depressed about my running and made me want to quit...oh and the fact that half of them post random food, Anyways, hope you have a good break, and hopefully we'll see ya back soon!

At least you're polite enough to give a heads up...I go MIA on a regular basis. Blogging should be fun so come back when you want to and write whatever is on your mind at the moment. I feel that regular breaks are sometimes needed to keep it fun. Good luck with your running!!!

Ashley said...

Good luck, girlie! I'm with you- it is annoying. Shit, I wish I could run more than ten steps... but I can't and I accept it. Therefore, I pretend run through your posts about running. You can complete the 10 miles, I know you can!

Sportsgirl said...

See you when you get back. Hope you have a nice break from blogging :)

Brittany said...

To be honest, I really think I'm going to do the same thing because I can't juggle going to school full time with homework, working, a boyfriend, and just daily life. Blogging is like a part time job!

I will miss you though :) Good luck with all that running!

I'm awestruck that you've been finding time for this so far. It seems to me like it would just feel like work sometimes, so I don't remotely blame you for taking a break. I've loved reading your blog though, so I'll miss it.

By the way, I totaaaaalllllllllllllyyyy feel you on the running thing. I've been getting my mileage up (eight miles!) but LORDY am I slow. So slow I don't even want to say how slow.

Good luck with all your goals!


Robin said...

Sad :( I was going to reply yesterday but for some reason Google Chrome (my default browser) won't let me comment on your blog, and I get lazy and don't want to switch to Firefox.

I understand what you are saying, though!! I get annoyed some days, too, and when I get busy with life, I care less and less about other people's blogs. Well, I still read yours religiously, but others get skipped over.

I'll be facebookin' ya in the and tell THAT!

Gulf Coast said...

definitely will be missing your blog!!!!

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