Tuesday, September 21, 2010

....'cuz I AM whatever I say I am!!

Thank you, Lisa, for inspiring my blog post today- i.e. giving me something to blog about today.

I'm 27 and don't think much about my age. Ask me how I feel when I turn 29...... I truly believe that, although you grow older, that's not a reason to stop having fun or having a carefree personality. I get anxious very easily- regarding the least likely things. My house is never clean enough for my liking- dust is my nemesis. Political topics dis-interest me and sometimes I WISH I were more interested. My imagination sometimes runs away from me. As a Libra, I have somewhat of an obsession for all things beautiful (and sexy). I feel very strongly about complimenting other women- Growing up I had very little self-confidence, therefore I make it a point to tell other women if I think they look beautiful or if they are kind and caring. Dark hair and dark, soulful eyes are the first physical attributes I look for in the opposite sex. Muscles don't impress me- brains, passion and humor do, however. I'm an only child- the good? I can hang out with myself and have a good time. The bad? There are moments when I want my way and if I don't have it MY way, I get pissed off. (lol. It's not as bad as it sounds, and usually it's over silly stuff.) I'm in my natural element when I'm listening to live music. One of my life dreams would be to write and publish a book.

I think that's enough for today :-) Happy Tuesday!


Hi hunnie....you look so awesome today!! LOVE the skirt with the boots....really great look on you...and I too, like spending time alone....is it bad? who cares, lol....make YOURSELF happy first:)

Have a Fashionable Day:)
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Chrissy said...

Whoo-hoo, you look all sexy in your pic up there!:) Love the outfit, esp. those BOOTS!

Kelly said...

Great outfit and good outlook on things! And speaking as a 29 year old, it's not a bad age at all. I totally agree you just have to keep having fun and enjoy life as it comes!!!

Thanks for the shout out and thanks for sharing!

You look fabulous in your outfit - those boots are killer!

And I'm with you on the dust thing! The worst is the dust kind of floating through the air that gets kicked up when you're dusting or something - I've considered turning on my vacuum to let it suck up the dirt in the air, but what an act of futility that'd be!

Genesis said...

love the outfit.

i have no political interests either and i too sometimes i wish i did, but then Ian and his dad have enough political interest to fill an entire stadium, and sometimes I wish they didnt.

im calling you out chica. wheres the 6 miles.

Cindi said...

Haha I love this post, Jenny! I am an only child too!!! I'm not sure about you, but it's not that bad right? I was never spoiled though as a kid...fortunate...but definitely not spoiled. I also hate hate hate dust.

Kimberly said...

You look great! I have no political interest either! :>)

Anonymous said...

I think complimenting other women is really important! Sometimes when someone looks beautiful or exudes confidence, I feel like, "Why should I say something to her? She knows how beautiful or confident or (insert another awesome adjective here) she is!" NOT TRUE. Tell 'em.

I used to take anti-anxiety pills because I had panic attacks about cleaning my house. Because it was never good enough. EVER. And I'm in school, work full time, have a family... how does one juggle it all and still look like she lives in June Cleaver's house? Impossible. Grips. Impossible.

Still drives me nuts.
And you're gorgeous, dahling.

Anonymous said...

Well, you are insanely hot! I mean, seriously gorgeous.

I am in the process of trying to get a children's book published :)
xoxoxo to the max beautiful lady!

Tiffany said...

Fellow Libra here, so I can totally relate......I would love to write a book as well!

Ashley said...

Looking smokin' HOTTTT Jenny!

Jenny said...

Thanks guys! Thank you!! So sweet :-)

Shout-out to all my fellow Libra's ;-)

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