Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Starbucks let-down and Chi Omega Event

Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte was a huge bummer for me. After seeing all of the raving about it on others' blogs I finally tried it today. I don't taste pumpkin. All I taste is nasty in my mouth. lol. Not sure what's up with that, but I'm sad I didn't like it. I always enjoy Fall smells/tastes. Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha sounds delicious- I think I'll try that next time. Do you have a fall scent that you just can't get enough of? Mine is definitely Candles By Victoria's Simply Delicious candle. Mmm mmm MMM!!

This week has me going to a few appointments (eye doctor and haircut!) and on Friday I'm hitting the road after work to attend my sorority's Big/Little Night! This excites me because I haven't attended any Chi Omega function since 2006 when I graduated college. Not even a Homecoming game! Sad, yes. To better describe what Big/Little night is: As a new member of a sorority you'll get a Big Sister. She's just a woman who has been in the sorority for a year or more, who will basically be there to help you out with school, etc. It's a wonderful thing and really allows you to have a better sense of "belonging" in the sorotity as a whole. Sounds cheesy, I'm sure to those who don't have a clue about sororities, but I assure you it's cool stuff. :-)

Anyway, I'm going up Friday with MY sorority little sister to see MY little sister to the 5th power (haha yeah I made that term up) get her little. It's a like a big chain of "family members." It's just nice to still be involved in the organization, which is essentially what a sorority is. It's the greatest organization I was ever involved in, for so many reasons- and the great thing is that I'll always be a member. I just don't have to pay dues anymore as an alumane. Muahah! I bought this dress to wear for the event. Had to represent with the Straw color. Chi Omega's other official color is Cardinal  ;-) So I'm thinking a red cardigan.....

That's all the boring blab I'm doing for today. Happy Tuesday!


Oh so cute!! I really like that dress. I didn't rush in college, and really wish that I had looking back.

Kelly said...

Someone still has weekend brain, haha. Cardinal is red, and straw is yellow! BTW, our Chi O Bid Day isn't even for another week - can't believe you already have Big/Lil!

Ashley said...

I think pumpkin spice lattes are nasty, too - I like peppermint mochas, even thought those are holiday drinks (but they make them year round!). And I love sorority stuff - I was a Phi Mu in college...and I see someone already pointed out the colors thing...I read it and was like...that's weird...so I googled. Have fun at your big/little night - we don't do anything with alumnae like that, I wish we did (although I think for some reason my little's little didn't get a little, so my pledge family is stopped. sad!)

Jenny said...

Thanks for pointing out the colors mix-up. I definitely did have weekend brain, but I;ve fixed it for future viewers. :-)

Loving that dress - SO pretty!

I was such a bad pi phi member - eek!

Kelly said...

Sorry you didn't like the Pumpkin Spice Latte. I love them, but the taste kinda grew on me. I used to not like pumpkin flavor at all.

My favorite fall scent is a candle from Bath and Body Works. I forget the name but it's something like Autumn Leaves. I need to go see if they have it out for the season!!!

Cindi said...

I think anything from Starbucks is over sweetened so I sometimes ask for half of the flavoring they put in usually. I'm from Seattle, Starbucks nation, so I'm kind of anti-Starbucks...although I do love them as a company. Try the lattes and drinks with one and a half pumps rather than the 3 that they usually put. Maybe that'll be better. :)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't taste pumpkin either! I always get the chai latte, iced during the summer. It tastes like fall year-round to me, lol!

megan said...

That's so fun that they invite all of the previous bigs & littles back! We didn't do that :( My little sis is actually having a baby this month - so exciting!

i don't like the pumpkin spice latte either! I'm not a huge pumpkin flavor fan so i don't even know why I tried it. I do LOVE the peppermint white chocolate mochas. Love!!!

Hype0724 said...

Doesn't taste somewhat cinnamony? Eww the spice is just that.

Hype0724 said...

I'm digging the dress by the way but I'd go with cardinal.


"Adventures of Grocery Clerks"

I love the dress......and Its touch and go for me with Pumpkin lattes....sometimes they are really tasty, other times..no:(

maybe ask for an extra shot of the pumpkin flavoring?

Statements in Fashion

Genesis said...

i had the pumpkin latte last year and threw it away after a few sips. people rave about it like its crack in a cup, but to me it was like someones butt crack in a cup. totally gross. there are just some things i will never understand.

you are going to rock that dress.

Pamela said...

oh, I totally get the sorority thing. I'm a Delta Phi Epsilon alumna. Rushing was the best thing I ever did in college. seriously. Your Friday evening event sounds like so much fun!!! And what a perfect dress!

Sounds fun!! I wish I could be more active in my sorority as an alum, but I live an hour away and a lot of the times can't make their events. My Big Sis was in my wedding and we are still VERY close!

Veronika said...

i'm obsessed with their gingerbread latte. So good!

Elz said...

My little sis and I are still great friends. We went to the National Championship game together in January. Hanging out with her is like being back in school-only a little wiser!

I'm a Kappa Delta! I'm close with my biggs but lil sis is my best friend and "corny as it may be" I also have an "adopted" lil and a whole seperate family chain. I can't wait for homecoming this year so I can meet my new fam members! I love all that sorority stuff!

Marcie said...

Love that dress. It is so fun!


Who came up with the idea of a pumpkin spice latte ? YUCK! :/

Your dress is super cute,I hope you have a wonderuful time at the party :)

Megan said...

Hi! I just found your blog and am a Chi O too! I think the Anthro dress with the red cardi would be so cute for Big/Little Night! My "family" died out when my grandlittles did not take littles but I have thought about how much fun it would be to go back and see that now that I'm "old" (I'm 26 too!). Have fun sweetie!

Miss K said...

Yay Chi Omega sisterhood!! Oh how I miss being an active member! Have fun at the event! I'm so glad that I've found another sister, I'm a Chi O too! Hootie hoot!

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