Monday, September 6, 2010

Saturday OOTD and Magic Hair Potion!!

Ahhh...the holiday weekend is almost over- and I'm already sad. Going back to work after having a holiday is hard work, man.

I just got home from my parents house- took the Chihuahua clan- and grilled some hamburgers. I actually don't have anything to catch up on before tomorrow so not sure what this evening will have in store for me. Probably just vegging in front of the TV, enjoying my last hours of freedom. :-)

I did go for a run this morning- Being sick for that week or so pissed me off, haha, but so glad to be back running. Only got in 2.3 miles, but I'd rather have that then nothing. My goal is to get that damn 10K DONE this week for my long run! 6.21 miles I WILL complete you.

6 weeks, 3 days until The Army 10-miler!

My new running shoes? LOVE them! This was the first time I've ran in them and I'm pleased. Hopefully that'll stay consistent- the only discomfort I had was on the outside of my foot. Both outsides of my feet were a little sore, but I'm going to chalk it up to the shoes being brand-spanking-new.

Saturday night I went out with some friends- I haven't been OUT to a bar/club in months. I miss getting dolled up and sexified and hitting the town. Here's what I wore.

Top: Asos Chiffon babydoll top Jeans: Citizens of Humanity Faye Shoes: Kenzie Wedges
I really love the color of the top, but I ordered one size too big--at least on the bottom. I'm probably going to get it taken in because it's a little too much fabric and it makes me look bigger. Add it to the pile of clothes that need altered.

Earrings: Anthropologie via E-bay
I decided to straighten my wavy hair since it wasn't too humid (Alabama summer=curly hair to avoid frizz)- I used this stuff by Phyto- Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm.
Sephora sent me a deluxe sample from the last order I placed and I. HEART. this balm!! When my little sample is used up, I'm buying a big tube because this worked wonders on my frizz and combated the humidity like WHOA!! :-) I recommend this to anyone who has naturally wavy/curly hair and you like to straighten your hair- also if you just have thick hair in general. It's awesome.

Tomorrow is Day 4 in my "Wearing Black Pants Only Once A Week Challenge". Look for this week's outfits on Friday! I already have two days picked out, so now I'm headed to my closet to pick out two more. HAHA! My God. I'm glad it's a short week. I hate picking out clothes. This coming from someone who loves to shop and WEAR the clothes- I just need someone to put the outfit together for me. lol. I'm weird.

Hope everyone's Tuesday is FABULOUS!!!

Happy Early Birthday to one of my favorites, Brittany!

(Oooh,how I love the straightness.)


Brittany said...

Thank you for the shout out! Very nice of you for thinking of me :)

You seriously are so pretty! You look great in the 2nd pic. Glad you had a fun night out with friends.

Enjoy the rest of the week, miss!

Veronika said...

OMG I was going to post about that product this week! I have been using the sample I got and just got a full size bottle. it is absolutely magical and changes my hair for the better everytime I use it! yay! glad we both discovered it and I hope every woman runs out and gets this amazing balm. I'm seriously impressed.

BTW- you are looking FABULOUS!!!!

Jenny said...

Brittany & Veronika- Thanks, ladies :-) You're so freakin' sweet.

V- Oh. So glad you love this stuff as much as me!! It is quite AWESOME right?? :-)

You look fabulous...Ill have to try the hair balm...always looking for something that actually works:)

Statements in Fashion

Your hair looks fabulous - actually you are all sorts of rocking it with your entire ensemble. And that big smile sets everything off perfectly!

Ashley said...

Lookin' good girlfriend!

I got a sample of this product & ended up giving it to a patients husband who was wanting to try a relaxer. Now I'm sad I did! But I hope he used & liked it as much as you all do.

Robin said...

I LOVE that top!! Love, love, love!

And you are lookin' skinny, girl!

p.s...I couldn't comment on your page when I was using Google Chrome, but it works in Firefox! Lame!

Lindsey said...

Great pic! Love the top and the earrings! FAB!!

looking beautiful! Love the shirt!

Kelly said...

Love the smooth, silky hair!! You looked beautiful as always :-) Glad you like your new shoes!!

Anonymous said...

You are insanely gorgeous! I swear you could be Kandee Johnson's sister! Are you sick of me saying that yet? It's so true!!
You look so fab.

that's such a great pink top love it !!
new follower loving your blog =)

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