Thursday, September 9, 2010


Things haven’t gone as planned for me so far this week- ehh, not a big deal, but it always seem to kinda frustrate me no matter how small the plan may be.

Failed Plan #1: My running. I expected to get back to my running where I left off before I got a cold. HA! Not so much. The 6 miles I wanted to accomplish is still eluding me. I ran Monday and Tuesday and couldn't even get to 3 miles before I was exhausted and ready to haul ass OFF the treadmill. Hmmm- I thought once you came back from a sickness you were supposed to be even more full of energy. Pshhh. Not for me.

Failed Plan #2: The cute yellow dress I was supposed to wear tomorrow for the sorority function. Mmm, yeah. UPS tracking says it won't be here until MONDAY. Monday. I hate you UPS.

I also can’t stand The United States Postal Service at the moment because I sent an entire box full of sorority goodies to one of my fellow Chi Omega's to use YESTERDAY- and she still hasn't received it. By the time it gets there tomorrow, IF it gets there tomorrow, I'll be there and I wasted money to ship a damn box. LAST WEEK. No, I didn't get a tracking number. Pardon ME, but I guess I didn't expect the box to take an unnecessary detour to some damn LOST island to hunt polar bears with Jack, Sawyer and Kate.

My rant for today is over.

Happy Thursday!


Ashley said...

my freshman year of college my mom sent a box of goodies for my first day of school - they showed up literally a month later. The USPS excuse? "sometimes it happens". Ridic!

Lorraine said...

Oh man that sucks! I hate UPS too. They always take for freakin ever to get packages to you. USPS usually is a lot quicker. I feel your frustration. I hope your day gets better.

Genesis said...

sorry for the bad UPS experience lately. i kind of like UPS sometimes, but specifically my UPS man. Is it odd that he recognizes me even when hes not dropping packages at my door? at least i keep them in business on way or another.

Ugh, don't get me started on UPS. And if you ever want to do anything internationally - don't ever EVER use UPS. I got one package completely MIA and one other package that got stuck in customs forever. And offense to Africa, but never ship anything to Africa. Just don't do it.

Cindi said...

Ugh...I hate hate hate UPS. I hope they get the hint and just go out of business already. Good luck and I hope the rest of the week goes better for ya. It's almost Friday...yay!

omg I hate USPS now too!!! they misshipped my book this week too!!! hellloooo, i have a test on Sunday, I would like my book... pleaseandthankyou. What is with them this week?

Im so sorry about your dress hunnie....Id be very very frustrated too:(

Statements in Fashion

Dea said...

Aww, sorry about the bad luck but I hope everything gets better soon!

Sportsgirl said...

Dammit! Stupid Postal company!

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