Friday, September 10, 2010

Outfits of The Week Round-up

First of all- I finally have myself a formspring account- so this means you can all be really nosey and ask me some questions! Box is over there------>

Uh, yeah. Only two for this week. I'm not gonna lie to you, blogging community. I wore black pants twice this week. FAIL. Oh, well.

I also forgot to upload the outfit photos before I left for work today. Looks like it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

If you haven't noticed from my "tone" I'm not really into today. I've been moody as crap all week. I'm not even sure I'll be going to the Chi Omega event tonight- I know. After how excited I was. *sigh*

Oh, also, I had oatmeal for breakfast twice this week (that's for you, Gen. MUAHAH!)


Ill be looking forward to seeing your pics:)

Statements in Fashion

Genesis said...

LMAO. where's the picture?!

im gonna call you out on being a failure. upload outfit pics NOW! and go buy yourself a strong shot of something to pep up for your event tonight. alcohol ALWAY lightens the mood.

Jenny said...

LOL!! GEN! I can't upload the photos here at work, man. They're on my computer at home. Damn. lol You'll just have to wait until tomorrow OK!! Cause I know you're just DYING to see them. And the photos of my oatmeal.

Elz said...

Hope your day gets better and you get to go to the event. Once you arrive, I know everything will be great.

Sportsgirl said...

*gasp* black pants twice?! tsk tsk

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