Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jenny's Fashion Challenge: Days 1, 2 and 3

My "Wear-Something-Else-For-God's-Sake-Challenge": Days 1-3

I succeeded (kinda) this week at wearing my clothes. Yeah, you heard right. Three days ago, the copious amount of *brand new* clothes hanging around in my closet were crying
tears, begging for me to wear them, while my black pants simply laid back and laughed at their anguish- knowing he wins the "what to wear to work" war every morning (that was for my own entertainment).

Without further ado I present Days 1-3 of 22 of my self-made challenge:

Wednesday, September 1: No mid-week clothing slump here. I paired this borderline boring, neutral colored dress with a bright blue cardigan and some Nine West flats and called it a success. I could have gotten more creative, sure- but why bother? ;-) This qualifies as a PASS for my challenge. Don't you question me! I make the rules, thankyou. I chose to forego a necklace and just wear some black and silver earrings.

(You know you like my bathroom shot.)
Dress: Dillard's
Cardigan: Talbot's
Shoes: Nine West

(Here's the photo I took BEFORE I got to work. My hair was doing some weird sh**. Follow the arrows. Yeah. What up hair??)
Thursday, September 2: So, I wore my black pants today. I said I could wear them once a week! I'm not cheating. Still on course, still on course ;-) You don't need to see a photo of it...Because THAT would be as exciting as watching Nickelback perform. Not at all. HAHA!!'m not.

Friday, September 3: Ok, so, didn't go as planned because we have a "clean the office" day tomorrow...I'm not wearing anything cute. Drats. Don't hold it against me. Next Tuesday is a new week! I already have a few outfits picked out- HOORAY FOR LONG WEEKENDS!!!

Freakin' Anthropologie messed me up with their Thursday-instead-of-Tuesday sale- since it's the long weekend...and I missed out on the ONE last summer dress I wanted. Yeah. Boo.

Eyeleted Islands Dress
I saw this in the store and it was lovely- but they didn't have my size. I slept in this morning thinking it wasn't on sale- I didn't see it listed ANYWHERE on ANY of the blogs that give the inside sale scoop. Now my size is sold out online. All I did today was stalk the dress- refresh button overload! (I'll be stalking again tomorrow)

On a side note: Finally bought the Anthropologie White Beda Dress- scored from e-bay. I love it- it's a blank canvas I can decorate however I choose!!

Everyone have a safe and FUN weekend! Jenny OUT.


Kayla said...

Loving that first dress. You're doing a fab job so far. I'm trying to set up a fashion challenge for myself soon too. I seem to be psyching myself out. You're my inspiration today!

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Kelly said...

Way to go with your challenge. And sorry you missed out on the Eyeleted Islands Dress. Hopefully one will pop back up for you. Have a great holiday weekend!!!

Ashley said...

Love the dress from Dillards AND the white one! So cute!

Lilly said...

Love your outfit! And the white beda dress is beautiful.
Have a fab weekend!

Ashley said...

That dress from Dillards is way cute - the blue cardigan is the perfect pop of color for it!

Genesis said...

love the dillards dress. i just bought something slightly similar to it and a cardigan that totally reminded me of you. ill have to post the pictures this afternoon since i forgot my camera at home :)

myrlegacy said...

Hi~ I'm a fan of your blog? What size did you need in the Eyeleted Islands dress? Try the Burlingame, CA store. I was there last night. My email: myrlegacy AT gmail DOT com. Their number: (650) 685-6637
Good luck on your search!

Mavy said...

Adore your cardi with ruffles!! =D

xo Mavy

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