Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Let's talk "fashion rules" (plus) my new running shoes!

Ahhh Fall.

I don't know about YOU, but I've been burning my "fall" candles, in my house, like crazy. Specifically Peppermint Bark, Pumpkin Cheesecake and Cinnamon Apple Peach scents- all from candlesbyvictoria.com. MY favorite, as I've said before (There's no comparison anymore).

So, yes...Labor Day is Monday and hopefully Fall will be right on it's heels- because frankly, I'm sick of this humidity.

Usually, especially here in the good 'ole South, women will pack up all their white clothing/shoes because WHITE IS NOT ALLOWED AFTER LABOR DAY. Or is it? You've probably heard over the past few years that the rule of "no white" has ceased and times have changed. HA! Try telling that to some people.

I, for one, will wear whatever I want, WHEN I want. I don't like being given rules and being told what I can or cannot do. Bullcrap. ;-) I'm not your traditional southern girl, apparently.

Of course I won't bust out a white tank dress or probably even white pants- but a white dress with a cute fall colored cardigan and boots? Heck yes, I will.

"This bit of folklore states, "Southern girls know bad manners when they see them," and a clear sign of bad manners is wearing white shoes before Easter or after Labor Day. Because fashions in the American South can be a little more formal than elsewhere, perhaps the no-white-shoes rule came from south of the Mason-Dixon Line? Even Star Jones (an otherwise fashion-forward Southern lady) admits that white shoes "are for Easter Sunday and not the dead of winter."

Whoa whoa wait....why are you wearing white shoes ANYWAY?? I stopped wearing white shoes when I was eight. Eww. All I see is white patent flashing before my eyes. ACK!!! haha (Ok, I DO have a pair of white ballet flats...)

So, what is your stance on this? Do you still hold true to this rule? If you do, I'm just interested to know why :-)

My new running shoes are white...and aqua :-) I tried on MORE shoes at Dick's, after a failed attempt at Fleet Feet. Here is what, after MUCH deliberation and stress to find the right shoe, I ended up with. Surprise, surprise, they're a cushioned shoe, BUT...(AH HA) also has some stability for mild overpronators (that's me!).

Asics Gel-Cumulus 11

They should be here Thursday. Anyone have these?

I'm sad the Anthropologie sale has been pushed back to Wednesday night/Thursday because of the holiday weekend. Gives me something to look forward to. lol.

Day 1 of my 22 day challenge begins tomorrow! I already have an outfit picked out. I've decided I'll share at the end of the week ALL of my weekly outfits. So for the next month, look for that on Friday's blog post.

Happy Tuesday!


We're on the same wavelength today, girl!

I'm personally totally OK with wearing white whenever, as long as the look and material is appropriate for the season. I think white wool coats and ivory trousers are gorgeous in the fall and winter (on people other than myself who is like a Bounty paper towel to spills whenever I wear white).

I kind of agree on the white shoes ... except I have a pair of white ballet flats that I am waiting 'til fall to break out since I think they only look good with jeans and it is still way to dang hot for those right now. I do feel nurse-like in white shoes though.

Anonymous said...

"I wear whatever I want WHEN I want!"

I don't really do white pants... ever. And I don't own a white dress.

But, damnit, I'll wear white if I wanna!

Kelly said...

I think it's a little silly too... though I'm probably going to wear my white pants for the last time pretty soon-- I often bust them out before Memorial Day because it makes me feel SPRINGY/SUMMERY when we need to most in Minnesota!! ;-)

I bought a pair of Asaics last week as well and I'm LOVING them. However, have you worn Asaics before? I'm not sure if its the shoe that I bought, but the top of the heel is very tall (maybe for support?) and caused a blister halfway through my 3.5 mile run which SUCKED. I think they just needed to be worn in because they're getting better... but just wanted to warn you in case you have the same situation!

i'm totally guilty of white dresses with cardis and boots after labor day....even pants sometimes with a bright top. and i don't even own white shoes.

I love how that quote mentions Star Jones' opinion of white shoes. Hmmm. At any rate, I usually do not follow rules. I more agree with what Clinton Kelly says - dress appropriate to the season and/or weather. In other words, sometimes where I live, it's 75 degrees in October or November. So, then I think white's okay. Just like if it's 25 degrees and snowing, I probably wouldn't wear it. Just a thought.I don't have any white shoes, though, except for some sandals.

Ashley said...

Good point, white shoes are horrendous.


i have those running shoes and love them. I hope you do too! :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty new shoes! They are super similar to mine, though I don't know if they're exact. Mine are turquoise gel Asics too, how funny!

I love white year-round, especially winter white (coats, silk party tops etc...) but I like white shoes NEVER! lol

Elz said...

Pretty running shoes. Hopefully it makes runnign a little easier. I loved that song you suggested, by the way. Have any new ones?! I also was bummed about the Anthro sale, I can't wait to see what comes up tomorrow! Wheeee.

I wear some white year round, but never shoes.

true story! white shoes? gross!

Love those asics!

So google chrome hates your blog - had to move the link to IE6 to comment - WEIRD!

I always wear what I want, and when I want to! And white can without a doubt be worn all year, you just have to find the right pieces to compliment it, like white pants with a lush, bulky sweater or a white top with dark jeans. But I am with you on the shoes... double ick!

And I used to only wear Asics running shoes ~ they are so comfy!!

Dea said...

Great post on white after Labor Day- it's such a silly rule in my opinion. Granted, white as a color isn't happening much when all the fall colors are in full force so it's more of a seasonal feel for me, but heck, I'll rock some skinny white jeans or white tee anytime I want! As for the white flats, I recently bought a pair from Anthro and believe they're the first and only pair I own! I think one is enough.

Andie said...

Today I broke the labor day rule. for shame.

Hope you don't mind me stopping by! I'm a huge fan of BTE too! :) I've seen them a TON of times since they are from NOLA! :)

Chas said...

I have those shoes, and they are fabulous! Best running shoes I have ever owned!

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