Sunday, August 29, 2010

I challenge myself to a fashion DUEL!!!!

Good Monday, errbody!

I made it back to work today after being sick the latter half of last week. I cannot STAND not being able to breathe and then waking up in the morning with junk in my throat. Yaknow what I'm talking about? Still have some floating around in my nasal passages, but I'm hoping it gets gone with quickness. TMI. I know.

So jumping right back in to it- has anyone seen in the fashion blogging community the 30 for 30 Challenge? Example & explantion from new challenger, KrameyMartin here.

Ok, did you go read about it? Good. Personally- I don't think doing this would curb me from spending money. I can see myself buying MORE knowing I could wear it at the end of the 30 days. BAHA! My problem? Buying clothes.....that just hang in my closet.

Also, I feel like I'd succeed this challenge immediately because truly I rotate throught the same 5 tops every week!! I KNOW!! Because it's EASY!! ARGH!!! (haha) All the clothes I own and I do this B.S. There are two main reasons why this happens:

#1. The fit may be a bit snug. As most of you know, for the past few months I've consistantly lost weight I gained as a result of living in D.C. and enjoying the food & wine a little too much. I only have 15lbs to go until I'm back at the weight I was before I moved there (GO ME!). My normal size in some things (both new and older items) is, in turn, a bit snug still. But this won't be the case in a few months. This excuse is excusable in MY eyes.

#2. I go to work. Then I go home. I'm in the public relations field- which brings to MY mind, an image of professionalism, chicness and sass. My job isn't all that glam. My main job is social media and dealing with external media. I can count on one hand the number of times I deal with people/public where I need to look spiffy. Of course, judging by my copious amounts of clothing, I like to look put-together, but it's SO easy to get into the habit of waking up in the morning, rolling out of bed and putting on black slacks and a blah top (read) I can have more time with my babies (dogs) in the morning. Most people can nix THIS excuse by telling me that it takes JUST as long to put on something nicer. Not for me. I'm picky. I'm picky to the extreme. Picky to the point where, in this situation, it's either ALL or nothing. Either I'm going to look totally RAD (haha) or just normal. I could add to this list more excuses: my hair is really thick and it takes more energy for me to straighten or curl it, I try on outfit after outfit because I think I look fat, etc., etc. etc.

I think I have an obsession/compulsion with shopping. Really. I do. People joke about having this problem, but I do. It may be a mild case- but still. Spending money all the time can't be good. Wanting this and that and buying it- isn't always awesome. Oh, but it feels aweosme!! SEE!?!

Ladies and gentlemen. My name is Jenny.....and I'm a SHOPAHOLIC.

So, I've decided to try a challenge of my own for 30 days. Well, technically, 22 (work days).

Wednesday, September 1 to Thursday September 30 I will only wear black pants ONCE a week.

Yeah. You read that right. Only ONCE. This will force me to wear all the other clothes in my closet. I think. lol

So, tell me-

1. How do you go about picking your school/work outfits? Are you a lazy ass like me, or more put together? :-)

2. Do you choose an outfit the night before or that morning?

3. Is anyone else in the same boat as me and have stuff hanging in their closet that's never been worn for one reason or another?

Answer me. I really want to know. (hehehe)

Did anyone watch the Emmy's last night? I always get sucked into watching award shows of pretty much any sort- I especially loved Jewel singing her song "Hole in My Heart." I've never heard it before last night and unexpectedly, made me cry a few tears. Her lyrics have always impressed me (Pieces of Me is still one of my favorite albums). She truly is an AMAZING songwriter. Google it. It's such a heart-felt song to listen to. Love it. I leave you with the lyric that just about had me crying like a baby.

"There's a hole in my heart....but it's in the shape of you." - Jewel


Genesis said...

woman, you and i are more alike than i can imagine. i have a shopping impulse that must be tamed. i have so many damn clothes that i cant wear it all! i wear the same shit too and it drives me insane, or more it drives me to shop because I feel like i dont have enough! i have some stuff that havent seen the light of day or graced my wonderful skin since leaving the store.

so to answer your questions, i am not nearly organized enough to know what ill be wearing the next morning, nor do i have enought time to look deeper into my closet or cabinets to know what I have.

p.s. congrats on the weight loss!

spiffy said...

I have been thinking about a fashion challenge myself... to wear EVERYTHING in my closet with a tag on it BEFORE buying one more thing.So, there is your answer to #3.

#2- I pick out my outfit the night before but often don't like it in the morning and wear something different.

#1- My best outfits are on Monday's because I "play" on Sunday night in my closet. By friday, I'm a lazy ass in a hoodie.

Maybe I need a challenge myself?

Kelly said...

Glad you're starting to feel better. I definitely still have items in my closet with tags on them...ooops! As far as picking out my outfits each day, I usually decide the morning of. My office is pretty casual, but I try to wear at least two "put together" outfits each week.

i have SOO many things in my closet that haven't been worn, but my defense is that a lot of it is fall-ish stuff i got for a steal...and it's been TOO. DANG. HOT.

my current problem is also, i'm a stay-at-home wife. so some days, i don't even have a reason to get dressed, more or less get dressed up...trying to not get in that habit!!

Anonymous said...

I just spent a ridiculous amount of money on new clothes and I have a closet full of clothes that I never wear. They're all too small since I've had my baby and I hated trying shit on every day and feeling awful about myself because I had a muffin top or something. So what did I do? GOODWILLed everything I didn't LOVE, and put everything else in a crate with "Open at ___ lbs." Which is what I was before I got pregnant. Then, I went on a humongous shopping spree. And now I have to hem like 7 pairs of pants. Damnit.

I pick my outfits out the night before, and if I'm really motivated, I pick out a whole week's worth of outfits on Sunday and hang them in order at the front of my closet. That's happened like... twice... since I started the blog almost a year ago.

I, too, am a Shopaholic, my friend.

<3 Kim

Oh I am there with you! I buy heels all the itme, and am running out of room . . . but need to wear ALL of them:-) You can do it!

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