Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just a quick re-blog

I've posted about this before, and recently saw this issue come up again on another blog I follow. So here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again (song insert!). I'm going to lie back down, as I still feel pretty BLAH with sickness. I did get some meds, though, so crossing fingers for a quick bounce-back:

"So....something I wish I had known about a loooong time ago, thanks to gorgeous Brittany- that I am now passing along to all of YOU to make all of our lives here on blogger a simpler one :-)

If you're like me- I get e-mail notifications when someone replies to a blog entry of mine. Usually, I'll read the e-mail, delete it and then come back to my blog later and reply to everyone in the comment section myself...

I couldn't figure out an easier way- but then realized...what if they never come back to read the comment I left for them!?! SAD DAY!! I love hearing from you guys and want to answer you ASAP. Here's how you can fix that!

For the longest time I didn't add my e-mail address to my profile- just because I didn't want anyone to have it. Uh. Why? I dunno. I guess I thought it'd be "safer" that way. But it's just e-mail. If I notice something not from blogger, I'll delete. Bye-bye-bye spam/possible virus.

Anyway- if you all will follow these steps below, and add your e-mail address, the blogger you leave a comment for can respond back directly to YOU and it'll come to your e-mail.

Something so small makes me so happy...

Go to your dashboard.
Click on Edit Profile (next to your picture).
Add an email address.
Click the check mark box to make it visible.


Anonymous said...

Sweet! Thanks for this tip. I was wondering how to make this better, too!

Veronika said...

love your new layout

you should get a formspring page so people can ask questions there too and it's all in one place (like an FAQ) :)

Copyboy said...

I did that. So now I'm free to be a commenter. haha.

Brittany said...

Thanks for the shout out ;)

I think every one needs to know these rules! Blogger should tell you that as soon as you open an account.

Get better soon! ♥

Hope you feel better and UGH I feel your pain in not being able to work out. I've had some stuff to attend this week and haven't made it to the gym as much as I wanted :-( Same w/ next week-a baby shower to go to etc. It's SOO hard!

OK feel better!!

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