Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Anthropologie discount + the tube

I've been waiting all year for what showed up in my mailbox yesterday......

Anthropologie Birthday Discount Card :-)

I just love the little midnight blue, felt satchel it came in! So cute! They even knew I wa sa Libra. *sigh* Now what to buy? If you can believe it, I don't know. Get a little power in my hands and I freak out like a spaz. It's only 15% that you get to use for your birthday month- at least it's something. And it can't be used online. So, I'll have to travel 3 hours to shop. Good thing I have several friends I can also visit in that area.

I watched some TV last night. Cool, right? haha! Ever since the last episode of LOST I haven't really had any regularly scheduled shows I like to watch...but I watched my first- AND LAST- episode of "Glee."

Look. I wanted to like it. Seriously, guys...I am quintessential lover of all things dance and music- but it's cheesy. Just too much cheese for me. I made an exception because last night was the Britney Spears episode. Duh. And I'm pretty sure I should have a copy of this episode just because it's Britney-centric...OH and the girl in the show named Brittany...she can dance her ass off. Her dance/singing numbers in the show were fun and entertaining- took me back to Britney's "Slave For You" days. And my memorization of all Britney's dances. Yeah. Challenge me to do any of them....I dare ya.... The other remade songs and dance numbers were just almost too horrible to watch. LOL. Sorry. Just my opinion.

I did, however, watch the new show "Raising Hope" that came on immediately after Glee, and was ROLLIN'! Hilarious. The dead tooth? My gosh. Loved it. Watching it from now on. :-)

Tomorrow, tomorrow! I finally got the hair dryer video tutorial sliced, diced and slabbed together. I love editing videos! It's nothing grand, mind you, but fun nonetheless.

Anyone else seen it and like "Raising Hope"??
Happy Hump Day!
(Do the Humpty Hump.... yeah, do the humpty hump.)


Haha Raising hope cracks me up! I loved last night when the girl at the store kept calling out his family!

megan said...

Love Raising Hope! And I agree about Glee..way too cheesy to watch, but I stuck it out for Britney last night.

Elizabeth said...

Gotta love any Anthropologie discount you can get!! Three hours to shop there? REALLY!? OH my!! What day is your birthday?!?!

Jenny said...

Elizabeth- It's October 11! :-) I can't believe it's less than two weeks away- I don't know how it snuck up on me. The big 2-7.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh...27 is fun!! Hope you get some lovely pieces with your discount!

Ashley said...

You definitely have to buy into the OTT theatrics to like Glee, the first few times I watched it I couldn't get into it... with that said, I obviously watch every week and was actually disappointed with the Britney epispode. :( It was probably the lack of Puck, he is so f-in hot. And Happy Early Birthday! Can't wait to see the video and what you'll be buying for yourself this upcoming month!

Anonymous said...

YAY for the Anthro discount! Happy early Birthday!
I absolutely love Glee for the entertainment value, but I can see why people don't. Raising Hope was hilarious.

Blossom said...

I didn't like Rachel's (Baby One More Time) number in Glee. I did love the version of Toxic they did. I admit, it's not for everyone!

Genesis said...

how dare you not like glee. youre dead to me ;)

i loved brittany's numbers and yes she is an awesome dancer. she can seriously move. i have a girl crush on her just for that episode. i only liked her numbers because everyone elses fell flat for me.

have fun with the giftcard.

Miranda said...

Hello, great blog, I just started following

Oooh can't wait to see what you get from Anthropologie with your fab birthday discount!

I agree about Glee - I watched it once and it was just a little too cheesy and I'm like you, I usually love a good song and dance.

Thanks for your comment earlier - and I agree - what accent?! When I listened to the playback I was worried I didn't sound "southern" enough haha!

Kelly said...

Yep!! We tuned into "Raising Hope" last week and LOOOVED it. It's just sooo funny, very quiet, subtle humor as well!

Dea said...

SO exciting about the discount!! I can't wait for December to get here already. Happy early birthday and I agree with you, since Anthro never has promos, it's hard to figure out how to spend the b-day discount!! Good luck!

spiffy said...

Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one that wasn't obsessed with Glee- I tried too, I just.. oh I just can't!

Kathleen said...

I've never seen Glee (although I've had many people tell me I should watch it since it seems like they are always singing Queen songs). We have watched the first two episodes of Raising Hope also and liked them. It's the same guy who did My Name is Earl so he's good at that trailor-park esque style of humor. Interested to see how it goes and SO WEIRD to see Martha Plimpton from Parenthood as the MOM! LOL

REBrown said...

SOMEONE FINALLY SAID IT! I'm also not a fan of Glee AT ALL...but everyone seems to think it's the greatest show ever. I'm glad I've got you on my team!

Robin said...

I love Glee :) I don't really like the episodes where they do artist tributes, though. They're not as funny. I love the cheese-balliness of Glee, because I'm a cheeseball myself.

But I'm jealous of your cool bag that came with your discount! I didn't get that awesome thing with my discount, only a cheesy necklace (the type of cheesy I DON'T like).

And hey, whattayaknow.... I can finally comment on your blog on Chrome! Hurray for your new layout!

Jennifer said...

Don't worry, you're not alone - I hate Glee. If you want to see some quality singing and dancing in high school, put on Grease and get some John Travolta action!

glad i wasn't the only one memorizing every Britney dance like a freak! I was totally wanting to bust out some old moves when I saw Glee. I don't ever watch it but i HAD to tune in for Brit!

Elz said...

Happy Birthday shopping, have fun!

The Britney Glee episode is nowhere as good as it should have been. I LOVE Britney Spears and Love Glee, and the episode was just ok. Point 1- they should have used Britney Spears more, not just 3 measly lines, 2- Rachel should have sung Lucky or Not Yet a Woman, 3- the sex thing was over the top with the naked library guy....Try another episode, maybe the Madonna one and see what you think?

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