Monday, September 27, 2010

The closest you can get to Bailey's without getting your eyes wet

I accidentally deleted my precious post about my new, lovely hair dryer.... Dangit! haha! Oh, well.

I plan to have a "make your wavy hair curly, hair tutorial" video up soon- plus some before and after shots using the new hair dryer, since some of you are skeptical as all get out. ;-) I would be, too. No worries.

This weekend I tweaked my blog layout- I get bored with my layouts with the drop of a hat....and where did those 300 followers come from?? I didn't even realize I had that many followers. I thought I was still at 20. OkK. So where are you all hiding?? All you secret followers- if you don't leave a comment on here today, I'm making my blog private and you're going to have to be invited to read my shit........Yeah, just joking.  Thanks for reading....If you're still reading after this, CLEARLY very early written, Monday morning post.

I have a confession....Usually I don't drink ANY coffee. It makes me crazy-wild and jittery..... AND irritated when my work computer moves slower than crap. But, this morning I had some....I had no creamer this morning for said coffee....I did, however, have Bailey's. White and creamy beige. I have to have some whiteness to my I just poured some in.........I'm feeling pretty OK for a Monday morning.

Please tell me some of you have seen 'Ole Gregg...hence the Bailey's "white and creamy beige" reference from above? *sigh* If not, here ya go. Happy Monday. Don't stop watching until you've at LEAST seen the Bailey's part, mmkay?

Cheers- here's to you and all you Bailey's drinkers on this MUCH-anticipated Monday morning.....NOT.



REBrown said...

I'm a secret new follower! I just started a blog and you were one of the first that I followed! (check it out

I love old greg, even though most people think it's super weird. Do you love me Howard? So funny!

Jenny said...

Hi there secret follower :-) Thanks for coming out of hiding to say helloooo. :-)

LOVE your layout babes...and cant wait to see the hair post:)

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Kathy said...

i am a new secret follower as well, i found you from Veronika's Blushing. I started following a few weeks ago after you posted something about being Hard to get, I was really inspired!

hehe LOVE the new look and guess what? I can comment again - YAY!!!

Genesis said...

I LOVE THE HEADER! vain much? jk. howd you do that?

Jenny said...

Gawd Gen, you know I'm just SOOOOOoooo much in looove with myself. ;-)

I might start drinking coffee before work if I could add some Bailey's. Love the new layout!

Jennifer said...

That's awesome! I love Bailey's! If you want a really good Monday morning, skip the coffee next time and just go straight for the Bailey's.

gigiofca said...

You're hysterical. I've had Bailey's in the morning. No, maybe it was Kahlua. It was the one that takes like chocolate milk on ice!

Elizabeth said...

Love the new layout!! :-) I hope you have a nice week.... :-)

i wish i had Bailey's! That makes my pumpkin spice creamer seem like crap! Have a wonderful day pretty girl!

Scarlett said...

Have u ever drunk Bailey's out of an old shoe? LOVE OG! And your blog, too!!!

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