Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tutorial: How I Define my Wavy Hair Using the T3 Luxe Hairdryer

Before I can get into today's post, I need to catch those of you up to speed who missed my blog post from a few days ago---that I accidentally deleted. Pshh. 

The T3 Featherweight Luxe Hair Dryer

A few of you have something like this and love it as well! I'm thrilled with it- it's been SUCH a great investment for me and my thick, wavy hair. Ugh! Whenever I wash and style, the heat from the dryer, plus a VERY hot straightening iron, can take it's toll on my hair.

As I said in my last post (before it vanished by my own hand) I styled my waves with the diffuser on the T3 hairdryer in 4 MINUTES. I timed it. It usually takes about 10-15 to get my head completely dry.  Several of you asked for a video and before and after shots with me actually using the new contraption- I understand your skepticism. I honestly wouldn't put down that much money either, if my hair wasn't so thick and coarse. :-/  So, here's the video- Haha! I sped it up, added some tunes and chopped it up the last bit when I start blow drying. That was all one shot. It took me, again, about 4-5 minutes to style/dry with the hairdryer.  This is my daily curly hair routine. It's the quickest way to do my hair.

Production Notes:  1. I use quite a bit of hair product to make sure my curls withstand humidity. My hair is more wavy than curly- so I have to make sure they stay curled and not blah. Yes, I am aware that gels especially can dry out hair, yadda yadda. I use what works:  

Frederick Fekkai Curl Cream (NOT in the video. I was out)
Cheap Curl Hair Gel  
Tresemme Curl Mousse  
CHI Heat Protection Spray  
Tresemme hairspray    

2. Upside down face/chin is NOT attractive and this video was more for fun than a serious tutorial. And let's face it- I'm no expert video editor. lol.

3.  Maroon 5's new album has been playing nonstop in my car. So you better hurry and watch the video with the music because I'm sure You Tube will take it down. ha

4. If you're confused, still, about how to use a diffuser to shape and define your curls and get LIFT at the root, just remember to start at the bottom, placing the hair in the diffuser and lift all the way to the root and hold, digging the diffuser's "fingers" underneath the hair to give lift. Release slightly and push up and hold in place again.

5. The "7" signal I give at the end of the video meant that I ended my drying at 6:27. I started at 6:23 a.m.   

5.  This hairdryer is the shit.   

Next up: Straight hair blow-dried with the hairdryer. Curious to see the outcome myself.... :-)


Sportsgirl said...

Loved how the tutorial was sped up... was cool. I don't use ANY product in my hair when I blow dry. I know I should use something so it doesnt fry my hair but I don't like that product feeling in my hair. I have naturally curly hair but I always straighten it.

Tiffany said...

I LOVE THIS POST! I have naturally wavy/curly hair and I totally use(d) the exact same products as you and the same styling process minus the diffuser! I chopped all my hair off into a bob about two years ago and straighten it every day, but this makes me miss my curls! We could be sisters, my hair turned out just like that! Lots of productS and scrunching....the secret is the cheap gel, LOL!

Great tutorial!!!! I may have to look into this dryer....:)

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Elz said...

I have thick, wavy hair as well. I may have to try out this wonder hairdryer! Thanks.

Lorraine said...

That was an awesome video! I love how you sped it up. I need to look into that dryer. I'm looking to invest in a good hair dryer.

Genesis said...

lol. you crack me up. because you sped it up it looked like the dryer was vibrating when you had it in your hair. i know i know, the stupid things i notice.

i love your hair.

Cindi said...

That is some nice dryer. I have naturally straight hair so now I'm wondering if it's worth it to get something that pricey since I don't do any straightening. But oh what a dryer!

Elizabeth said...

This is a GREAT post!! I love it!! You are a doll! I need that hair dryer!

Katie said...

That dryer really does look nice. Thanks for the tutorial and for including the products you used too! We have similar hair types and I've always wanted to try that FF curl cream.

meghan said...

...and now I really want that expensive ass hair dryer. Great tutorial!

A. said...

Bless you curly girls out there. I have stringy stick straight hair and I had no idea all the products you have to use on your pretty waves. Loved your video!

LOVE LOVE LOVE wish my hair could curl like that! Awesomeness - can't WAIT for the straight hair video!! (p.s. I talk to Reuben all the time - i LOLed when you wrote that!!!)

Veronika said...

wow! i may need to invest in this as my next big purchase. I wonder if they are sold anywhere at a discount...maybe amazon?

I seriously would love to get my hair dry in 5 mins!

WOW! That looks sooo intense. Like, really intimidating and I could never do it. I'm such a scardy cat to put products in my hair. I remember using gel in middle school and I was practically walking around with a crusty plate on my head...oh the nightmares! I guess I just hate the crusty feel, but then again, I haven't really tried anything new in FOREVER. I just basically air dry my hair and flat iron it. I'm not too crazy about my natural waves. After reading your post, maybe I will try something new! So thanks!!

Robin said...

Hahaha that was AWESOME!!!

Liz B said...

I finally got a chance to watch the tutorial! Love it! You are too funny with your comments and funny facial expressions. I lol'd several times.

I did my 10 miler in 1:46 last weekend, went home and didnt even shower before stripping and crashing in bed for 4.5 hours!!! (Then I washed my sheets!) Only 8 miles this weekend!

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