Friday, August 6, 2010

Shopping in an ACTUAL Anthropologie store

The only thing I have to talk about this week is the fact that Monday-Wednesday of next week I'll be heading out of town....and....I get to shop IN Anthropologie and not just via a computer screen. It's been almost an entire year since I've stepped foot in the store which saddens me because the atmosphere of the place is one thing I love most about the company. Seriously. Where I live/moved to doesn't have jack-shit, and I shop online like nobody's business.
I plan on going buck-wild and trying on anything I can on my wishlist so I'll know if I TRULY want it or not. See the little things you take for granted? Like a close-by Anthropologie store.

I have some things to return- including the yellow Shadow-Sleeve Cardigan, which I mentioned in my last post, seen here:

I really loved it, but it felt kinda baggy and looser than I'd like. I bought a large so I'd like to try a Medium. And the color? Yeah, not so much the yellow I wanted. It's more green-yellow. GAG. Ha! Good fall color, but I was hoping for more GOLD-yellow. Moving on....

I'm having a rough time deciding if I like The Traced Twirls Dress. I've had it for about a month now, bought it full price ($138!!) and haven't made up my mind if I want to keep it or exchange. I love the concept, the cut, but in some ways, I think the cut doesn't flatter me. I love the neckline and the full skirt, but where the hell would I wear this? A damn 50s sock-hop? Yeah. Newsflash: we don't have those anymore.

[Heart this pink hidden ruffle with all my heart!]

I think I'm more in love with the THOUGHT of owning this dress and not exactly wearing it. Plus the tiny peek of pink slip makes me pout my lip and hang it back up in my closet- because it's so damn CUTE! I need to be honest with myself- I'll probably never wear it and I'm sure I can find something I WILL wear to exchange it with.

Say bye-bye to my closet, Traced Twirls Dress :-(

See you all in 4 days or so. have a great week!


Chrissy said...

That's exactly how I felt about the Traced Twirls damn cute, but where in the world would I really wear it? It's more costume than dress, sadly, but I love the idea of it, as well. Maybe you'll get to try it on in the blue version just for fun??? (Can't believe you don't have an Anthro nearby!!! GASP!)

Hello Legs! Have a good long weekend and enjoy your time off! And there's so many yummy things at Anthro, if you don't love something you've got, there will be more new loves to discover - happy shopping!

I tried that dress on and almost bought it, but like you, I couldn't figure out when or where I'd wear it. It is super-cute, though!

I hate when I love something but know i'll never wear it. Such a sad, sad day.

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