Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Change of pace- fun questions...

Kathleen from Princess of Taylor tagged me to answer these fun questions, then come up with 8 of my own and tag 8 fellow bloggers. I loved it- in case you couldn't tell from my mile long answers!

1. If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
My answer two years ago would have been Europe, but alas- I finally got my wish two years ago and vacationed in London, Paris and Rome. My current answer would be a tropical paradise. Somewhere with the bluest of waters and the most relaxing comforts any place could offer. I just want to relax these days- bring on the drinks and massages, please AND thank you.

2. What is your biggest fear/phobia?
Spiders are such creep-a-leeps- they're my phobia. My biggest fear? Nothing important, such as death or dying alone, but rather- the dark. I do NOT like the dark. My mind is like a crazy thriller novel when the lights go out, always creating scenarios in my mind that aren't pleasant. I always sleep with my TV on, unless someone is staying over with me.

3. What is your favorite album of all time? There's a tie. Better Than Ezra's "How Does Your Garden Grow?" was an amazing piece of art in my opinion. It's so hard for me to describe in words, but in my mind the music on this album of theirs reminds me of New Orleans through and through (which is where they're from). The horns, percussion, etc. It's almost "haunting." There's not a song on that album I don't like. My favorite aspect of thealbum is how none fo the songs have a definitive stopping point- they all blend together. I love it.

The second one that comes to mind is Eminem's "Marshall Mathers LP." I know, right. How can I go from some deep alternative rock to some hardcore rap? Eminem is vulgar. Yes. He talks about killing his ex-wife on this album. I know. But the songs are ALL so catchy. He's not for children- and hell, he wouldn't even be an artist I consider a favorite of mine but I love Eminem's honesty. Like he says in one of his songs: He's only saying what we're all thinking. Only he has the balls to say it. True. That.

4. Would you recommend the last book you read to a friend and why?
The last book I TRIED to read was "Eclipse." I'd recommend it to a 10-year-old. But I won't get into my dislike for the Twilight Saga. The last GREAT book I remember reading was Anthony Keidis' autobiography called "Scar Tissue." Anthony is the lead singer for The Red Hot Chili Peppers (one of my top 3) and his book was eye opening and unbelievable. I couldn't believe some of the shit he's been through with drugs, family, women, life. I'd definitely recommend this- especially to one who loves music and musicians and how their lives have shaped the kind of artist they are today.

5. Would you rather never shop at your favorite store again or never wear any accessories again? Never wear any accessories!! I couldn't imagine NOT shopping at Anthro ever again. Accessories I could do without. I'd feel naked, but I'd be OK.

6. Name a celebrity that you hate for no valid reason.
Don't start spamming me with hate comments for this one, but I really can't stand Zooey Deschanel. I like indie movies just as much as the next girl. I like quirky. But, I can't handle Zooey. I've tried. Everyone likes her and her "cuteness", but I'm sorry- she's not that cute. Her voice is obnoxious and her facial expressions never seem to change- it's always that wide-eyed "durr" look. In ELF, I felt dumber just by watching her on screen, and as much as I loved "500 Days of Summer" I wished that she wasn't in it.

7. What is the worst date you've ever been on?
When I was in high school this dumb-ass dude who had graduated a few years prior took me to a movie. That's cool....He wanted to hold my hand. A little quick, but whatever. He was kind of rubbing my hand with his thumb. You know what I'm talking about. After the movie he wasn't driving in the direction of my house- so I asked where we were going. All he said was, "Oh, it's a surprise. You'll love it. It'll be fun." Finally I got it out of him and these were his exact words (I have never forgotten): Well, I'm going to take you to get your nails done. You have nice hands, but they could be better." SAY whhhaattt? At that point I was like...Take. Me. Home. You MORON. Really. Who says that to someone? On a first date at that.

8. You're at a multi-level shopping mall and someone is chasing you. Do you jump over the railing to the lower level to get away from them? Mmm probably not. I always envision myself having to jump from my second story bedroom window if someone were ever to break into my house and come up to my bedroom. It scares me to jump from there so I don't think I'd jump.

So, now...my 8 questions are:

1. The line from any song that always "gets you". I.e. makes you smile, tear up, feel some emotion, etc.
2. If you could choose any other name than your own, what would you choose?
3. Everyone has their hang-ups and being able to admit those, I think, shows a sign of strength and not weakness. What is your biggest weakness and what do you do to work on it?
4. On the other side- what's your most positive attribute?
5. The one celebrity who annoys you to NO end! (I stole this one from Kathleen's questions, but I'm curious to hear what others think!)
6. If you could dedicate a songto anyone right, now what would that song be and to whom?
7. If you could own one memorabilia item from the set of ANY movie, what would that item be?
8. If you were forced to be addicted to ONE thing- what would you hope that thing would be?

I tag:

1. California Dreams
2. Respect The Shoes
3. Simply Me
4. Veronika's Blushing
5. Small Town Fashionista
6. Healthy Diva Eats
7. Fitting Back In
8. Saltwater Dreams


Robin said...

yay, thanks for tagging me! I have to answer your questions AND Kathleens! Hehehehe I better get started!

Katie ♥ said...

awwwwwwwwwww what fun questions you answered!! love it!

Thanks for taggin me girl! I will have to post this!! I need to remember to! Love u!!!!!!!!

Ashley said...

Dude clearly had a hand fetish. I would have played along, had my nails done and then as he's droppin me off, show him how pretty they are by givin him the bird!

Brittany said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe your date said that to you! I was cracking up reading it. What a weirdo.

I personally can't stand Miley Cirus for no reason. Her voice annoys me to no end and personally, I think she's a tad goofy looking. Sorry Miley lovers out there.

I loved your answers!

hehe I love these - makes me feel like I know you better, missy! Love the eminem was the tops for you - hilarious! I'd go without accessories FOR SURE.

I'll post now.... thanks for sending!!

Genesis said...

lol, #7 is hilarious. and I agree, Eminem is pretty awesome.

ally4747 said...

I loathe Zooey too. I thought I was the only one. She is SO annoying!

Fun questions! I cannot believe that guy thought he was going to take you to get a manicure. What a psycho!

I also love your answer to number 1. I'm all about the beachy, tropical vacations and relaxing.

Big Pissy said...

That "date" wanting to take you for a manicure?!?!?

Bet he turned out to be a serial killer. Only a control-freak psychopath would do something like that AT ALL much less of a first date.

Glad you made it out alive! ;-)

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