Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm back- and I have Anthropologie fitting room reviews!

I decided to snap some photos and do some small fitting-room reviews from my Anthropologie visit. This won't happen again for a long ass time, so embrace it. Love it.

I got to the store Monday around 11 a.m. I wanted to get there semi-early to avoid a lot of shoppers. It wasn't too bad and I scrambled from one rack to the next- I'm sorry, this may sound ridiculous to some, but I get overwhelmed in Anthro. I seriously never know where to start looking and get all flustered.

I ended up with 35 items in my dressing room. Yes, 35. And in case you're curious to see what THAT looks like.....

Behold...that which was my dungeon-esque fitting room

Somehow I managed to breathe amongst that hoarding of clothes. I was more sad because my photo quality turned out looking really shitty.

A. The lighting was AWFUL.
B. No flash=blurry-ness.
C. The angle I had to hold my camera made me look like a bobble-head. My boobs being the bobbled part. lol You'll see. I look weirdly proportioned. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Camilla Dress- I've had this on my Anthropologie wishlist for months. It needs to hit sale pronto. It fit great. But, honestly I'm not sure why I look extremely wide in the hip area in this photo. Moving on...

Walkway Dress- I'm having a hard time understanding why I look like I'm thrusting my hips forward and slouching down in this picture. LOL. These photos are making me laugh. Feel free to laugh along.
It's A Cinch top under Graphite Pop Cardigan- I was just trying on the randoms in the dressing room and I actually loved this combo. The colors go well together. The top was VERY baggy and loose and I didn't like the way it looked on its own, but paired witht he cardigan I'd consider buying both items.
Molded & Melded Tee- I LOVED this top. The color and ruffly things. Everything about it. It fit me well. The photo shows some growth on the right side. I asure you that isn't there in real life. Note to self: Don't ever go into this particular dressing room EVER again. I'm convinced the mirror belonged in a fun house at some time or another.
Biker Melange Jacket- I wasn't about to be caught dead trying this thing on. I picked up the Cafe Racer jacket first and the SA gave this to me to try as well. She thought it was cute. I must admit, it's a hell of a lot cuter on. The big flappy collar kinda threw me off on the hanger, but on, it works. It would look cute with the right top, bottoms, etc.

Breezy Polkas Cardigan- Loved the color and the sheer ribbon detailing. Red is one of my favorite colors to wear because it's so bold, and I think it looks great with my dark hair. Definitely wishlisted this cardigan for sale time.

Cafe Racer Jacket- I loved, loved this leather jacket. The 5 reviews online so far aren't outstanding, but I'd definitely give it 4 stars. Unfortunately by this time my camera battery was dying no me, so I got no photo. :-( It was darling, though! MUST HAVE for me.

Are you ready for more hilarity on this Thursday afternoon?

Curlytop Cardigan- Check me out. Trying to squeeze my forearms into this size medium cardigan. The bitch (yes, I called a cardigan a bitch, as it was definitely one at the time of my trying on) runs small. They didn't have a large in any color of this cardigan at the store, so I went with the largest they had...HA! I think, judging from the way this fit I may need an XL. Online the ruffles look really juvenille, but in real life I thought it was perfect. Loved this cardigan.

NSFW clevage shot: Hidden Valley Top- Rest assured....that this top- Hides not a thing. I first tried on my regular size Large. Too big. I couldn't figure out how the draping worked and why it was cascading halfway down my chest. I tried on a medium and even a small and it was still ugly and dumb. This top is stupid. haha

Yay something that worked and I didn't have to try on!

What I came home to. I guess everything I ordered online came at once. Christmas in August!!

That's all I have, guys. Thanks for reading about my ridiculous dressing room story. :-)


Robin said...

Yay!!! The Camilla dress looks AWESOME on you! Def get it.

And I LOVE the Cafe Racer jacket...I wish I could see a pic!

Love it!

mama k said...

I love the It's a cinch top with that cardigan! So cute! and I also love the molded and melded tee!

Genesis said...

i bet youd be so much fun to shop with :)

the last cardigan is really cute....and no kidding about christmas in summer...look at all those packages...

Debbie said...

Loved the shots of the dressing room! haha That's what it looks like when my friend and I go to Anthro together and we're there for a couple of hours. ;-) Thanks for the great reviews. I especially love the It's A Cinch top with the cardigan. Those colors are great on you!

Kathleen said...

You are too funny! 35 things! LOL I had the same issue with the Hidden Valley Top which stinks because it's super cute and YAY for Bright Bulb Posts - I have them and LOVE them! Can't wait to see what's in all the packages!

Anonymous said...

geez, everything looks really good on you! so hot lady! I think that jacket is pretty rad. (none of the links worked for me ?? Boo :(

Jenny said...

Andi!! I fixed all the links! They work now :-)

um, i now need the molded and melded tee asap!! so gorgeous on you!! and those earrings are precious.

Sarah said...

I love the graphite pop cardigan. It's such a unique piece that you could use in so many ways and it looks awesome on you!

You are too cute!! I hit up Anthropologie in ATL, but the prices scare me! LOL :-)

p.s. Thanks for the compliment on Trinket-she says "Hi" to B.

Brittany said...

35 things?! Wow, I would be overwhelmed lol.

I love the It's A Cinch top under Graphite Pop Cardigan, the molded and melded tee, the curly top cardigan and earrings! All are so so cute :)

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